Ultimate teams make it to College Nationals
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Ultimate teams make it to College Nationals

by Nachie Castro

Oberlin Ultimate had an season far and above all that have come before it, the culmination of which is a trip to College Nationals, held this year at the University of California at Davis, for both the men's and women's teams. Nationals welcomes the top 12 men's teams and top 10 women's teams in the country.

For the men's team, the year started off with the traditional hordes of people in the fall, a mass which was eventually whittled down to a final team size of about 18 people. The spring season started off with a trip to Wilmington, NC to play in the College Easterns tournament . A lone first-day victory against Clemson and losses to Appalachian State and Occidental College put Oberlin in the B or "Chump" pool, but went on to win all their games the next day, securing the "Chumpionship" for themselves. A highly successful tournament in Notre Dame gave the Horsecows vision for possible success, going 5-1 against regional opponents. This vision was given more substance at their next tournament, hosted by Princeton University. Through the freezing rain, high winds, and angry alumni teams Oberlin posted another 5-1 record.

Next came Oberlin's sole home tournament, College Ohio/Kentucky Sectionals. Four years of sectional domination by the Horsecows came to a crashing halt on North Fields as they fell to Ohio University's team in the finals, 13-9. The following weekend.Regionals was full of wins, losses and above all, payback. Despite losing to a top-ranked Colorado University and a not-so-top-ranked Indiana, Oberlin made it to the second day of play and a shot at one of the three spots for Nationals in the entire Central Region. Double-elimination was the rule for the second day, and after an early loss to the University of Madison another loss would send them home. Victories against Iowa and wins in the rematches with Colorado and Ohio University gave Oberlin their bid to Nationals.

The women's team rolled over competition all season long for their Nationals spot. Despite going 3-3 at College Easterns, they incurred only three more losses throughout the entire season. The team's skills and numbers allowed them to consistently defeat opponents through the rest of the season. Weather proved hellish for the Manti during some of their tournament play, as a two-day Big Ten tournament in Madison, WI became a one-day fight with other teams and mother nature. Snowfall and freezing temperatures forced teams home early, but not before Oberlin emerged with a victory.

During the Oberlin-based Ohio/Kentucky Sectionals tournament the Manti again took care of buisness quickly. Ohio University's team, and the University of Michigan both lost, 13-2 and 13-0. Regionals proved even more successful, and the Manti claimed a spot in the top 10 women's teams in the nation with a weekend record of 6-1 and the only loss came to Carleton's team, Syzygy.

Due to funding of both teams by the college, various clubs, dorms and co-ops, Oberlin's two teams will be able to travel to and from California Nationals will be held from May 30 to June 1.


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