What would you do if there were no Drag Ball this year?

“Not return from Spring Break.”
–Ezara Hoffman
College senior

“I’ve never been to Drag Ball, so if it’s cancelled I will just continue my tradition. I hope it isn’t cancelled, though, because I was really looking forward to going.”
–Carla McNeill
College sophomore

“If there's no Drag Ball this year, I guess I'd dress ridiculously, get drunk and go, uh, somewhere else. Right.”
–Kathryn Powers
College junior

“Oh no! There won’t be another opportunity until Halloween for closet exhibitionist females to prance around half-naked in such a fashion that has nothing to do with drag! What will I do? I guess I’ll do the only respectable Oberlinian thing to do: protest. Or maybe I’ll just make insensitive remarks to cause a stir.”
–Alicia Pohan
College first-year

“I’ll throw a party myself! Drag Ball doesn't have to be exorbitant; all you need are music and fun people in creative costumes. Sure, glitz is part of the allure, but last year’s Drag Ball was over-decorated.”
–Hans Petersen
College junior

“I was going to go home for the weekend anyway. I’ve never had a very good time at Drag Ball. Besides, we can get drunk and dress up anytime, right?!”
–Rainbow Vogt
College senior

“I’d cry. Half the reason I transferred to Oberlin was for Drag Ball.”
–Mike Degnan
College sophomore


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