Candidate Statements for 2001 Class President

Ryan Catignani

To whom it may concern:

Please know that I am honored to accept the nomination for alumni class officer. I have been familiar with positions of leadership while here at Oberlin College. In my four years here, I have served as a counselor for the Admissions Office. I have worked as a monitor at Philips Gym as well as a lifeguard at Carr Pool. I am a member of the Student Union Programming Committee. Finally, I have been appointed to a management position in the Disco Club. And, in addition to being a four-year starter/letter-winner on the football team, I also served as captain for my senior year. Thank you.

Jen Miller

I have been an active observer at Oberlin College. As an RC, I have been re-energized by the involvement of my 95 residents. My residents have been íSco bartenders, SIC counselors, radio show hosts and organizational leaders (just to name a few). As a student trainer, I have observed the academic balance and dedication that many of our athletes possess. From the benches, I have glanced behind my shoulder to watch Oberlin fans play kazoos, dance in the marching band and roar ďOC.Ē I believe in Oberlinís pockets of greatness such as sporting events, student union activities and ExCos. My own involvement has been enriching but I was only able to experience a sample of what Oberlin has to offer. When I listened and looked around, I truly appreciated Oberlin. I would welcome the opportunity to serve as Class President on the Alumni Council. Oberlin is still evolving, and I wish to share this process with my class.

Yvonne Piper

Iím a rare combination of responsible and fun. Isnít that a perfect formula for Class President? I can plan social events well. Cases in point: I have been a party planner in Keep and Harkness Co-ops for a total of three semesters. As a counselor for SIC, I have helped organize, advertise and execute two Safer Sex Nights. Like improv comedy? I co-founded the Sunshine Scouts, and I am the business manager for the upcoming Oberlin College Improv Conference. As for my obsessive side, Iím the All-OSCA Sanitation Maven, which requires intense reverence for cleanliness and the skills to coordinate 630+ people. I have been the treasurer for multiple student organizations. Plus, Iím a Classics major. Grammar? Love it! I pay attention to details! Hereís the syllogism: Yvonne Piper = Anal But Fun. Anal But Fun = Good Class President. Therefore, Yvonne Piper = Good Class President.


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