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Review Opportunities

Earning Academic Credit

You can earn up to two academic credit hours a semester for working for the Review, up to five can count towards graduation, six if you are an editor. 
To earn one credit writers are expected to write at least four articles during the semester, eight for two credits. Photographers can earn one credit by taking one assignment an issue, 2 assignments an issue are required for two credits. Attendance at a weekly meeting of Practicum in Journalism, the class through which credit is given, is required as well. Staff members can also receive credit.
Practicum is taught by a member of the Review staff and covers basic journalistic writing with an emphasis on writing for the Review. The class also covers photographic journalism, section specific writing, copyright law and libel.
To get credit for writing for the Review, contact Jan Cooper in the Expository Writing Department at the beginning of the semester and tell her you will be taking Practicum with the Review. When you are given consent for the course go to the variable hours option and select your hours. You will be contacted, via e-mail, about class meeting times and places. The usual meeting time is on Sunday afternoon in Wilder.
You should also make contact with the editors of the sections for which you want to write. Every section has a section meeting once a week where stories are assigned, they usually happen early Sunday evening. Photo also has a section meeting on Sunday. There will be a list of stories that need to be covered for the week and assignments are on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a story idea, get the editors to okay it. Editors will also be able to give you ideas of who to talk to and how to write the article if you need help.
Articles and film are due on Wednesday at a time specified by the section editors. Most section editors are available Wednesday evening to go over changes with writers.
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Paid Positions

The Review has a paid staff. The editorial staff is chosen based on performance and merit from the pool of writers and staff. The Managing Editor and Editors in Chief are elected from the pool of staff members. Most hiring decisions are made by the Editors in Chief and Managing Editor with input from the staff.
The Review also hires business and production staff. Staffers are chosen for these positions based on interviews, recommendations and trial periods. These positions are often advertised within the Review, on the Oberlin Online Classifieds and through the student employment office when they become available.
For most non-editorial positions the Review gives preference to work-study students.
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Current employment Opportunities
The Review is hiring copy editors for next year’s staff.

Tours and Information Sessions

The Review is happy to give tours and information sessions to groups of interested students. Together they take approximately an hour.
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