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Reinstatement of Assaulters Shameful

This past week, two students involved in the March 17 assault of a sleeping student in Barnard were expelled. Upon appeal, they were both reinstated and allowed to remain on campus, with a two-year delay in reception of their degrees (both are seniors). This act of spineless acquiescence on the part of the administration shames the College and tarnishes the degrees that it issues.
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Security Addresses Allegations

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning, March 18, 2001 at approximately 12:17 a.m. two Safety and Security officers one white, one African-American learned that four white males had been seen attempting to steal a foosball table from the lounge of Dascomb. After abandoning the table in the doorway of Dascomb, the white males were seen fleeing in a southerly direction, and the officers proceeded east along College Street in order to begin looking for them. They encountered Sergeant Kriesen from Safety and Security, and acquainted him with the situation.
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Security Addresses Allegations

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