National Group Boycotts Sociology Position Search
by John Byrne

The College’s decision to terminate an Asian American faculty member in the Sociology department last year drew nationwide attention in the field and a caucus of Asian American scholars has vowed to boycott Oberlin’s recruitment efforts to fill the position.
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Science Experiment Sparks Architectural Debate
by Kate Antognini

The new science center has a lot of weight to carry on its sandstone shoulders. “[The center] is critically necessary to ensure…the entire College’s intellectual strength and academic excellence,” President Nancy Dye said in 1998.
But for all the millions spent on the construction of the building, its success is largely dependent on student whimsy. The College is crossing its fingers that Obies will throw Frisbees on the new lawn, crack books open in the library and chat in the commons.

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Yeomen Trample Terriers in 35-14 Football Win
by Teresa Collins

A third-quarter explosion sparked the Oberlin College football team to its first victory of the season on Saturday as the Yeomen defeated the hapless Hiram Terriers.
Oberlin scored four unanswered touchdowns on four consecutive drives in the third, overcoming a 14-0 deficit to post a 35-14 win. The Yeomen improved their record to 1-2 and 1-0 in the North Coast Athletic Conference, while the Terriers fell to 0-4.
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No Layoffs for Oberlin Workers

To the Editors:

The Trustees should consider ALL options, including the option of increasing the payout rate of the endowment, before laying off ANY employees, especially those employees who are older, who have children, etc.
The Trustees alone, not the faculty, not the alumni, not the students and not any other college employees, etc., have the full and unquestionable legal authority and responsibility to oversee the financial health of the College both now and forevermore. Our Trustees volunteer their services; they do have to answer to anyone. They merely want to do what is best for the College. And to that end, they listen to all points of views.

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