Review Opportunities

The Review has many opportunities for students. Check out our upcoming events for the latest information.

We offer Practicum in Journalism, a class that teaches the basic aspects of journalism while incorporating hands on experience.

We also have paid staff positions from editors to business managers to distributions workers. These positions are often advertised on the Oberlin Online Classifieds or in the print version of the Review at the beginning of each semester. For most positions, the Review gives preference to work-study students.

You do not have to be a member of the paid staff, or in Practicum in journalism to be involved in the paper. We are always looking for people to be a part of the paper, even if its only once a semester. If you want to contribute, please contact us.

If you're thinking about a job or career in journalism, good for you! There are lots of Obies who have gone into journalism in one form or another.

Preparing for a career in Journalism

Oberlin offers many opportunities to prepare for a career in journalism, in spite of is lack of a journalism program or department.

One way to gain practical, hands on experience is by working for the Review. All aspects of journalism, from writing and editing to photography, design, and web development are covered. Even the managing, production and business sides are covered.

The Review also offers Practicum in Journalism, a class taught by the editors in chief. The class gives you the opportunity to earn credit while you learn and work at the Review.


Internships are also an important part of preparing for a career in journalism. Kimberly Betz, the director of internships at Career Services can help in an internship search for winter term as well as summer. The professors in expository writing are often willing to act as advisors for journalism internships over winter term.

Portfolio preparation

Preparing your portfolio is very important. Make sure you save clippings of your work as it is published. A photocopy of your article on a standard piece of paper is a good way to start. Don't shrink the size of the article - you don't want the print to be too small to read. When you apply, send exactly the number of clips requested. If a specific number is not requested, send between 6 and 10.

Resources around campus

One of the best resources on campus is the Office of Careers Services. Any one of the advisors will be glad to help you with suggestions, advice, and resume critiques. The Director of Internships, Kimberly Betz, is willing to help with all these things and in the search for internships.

The Review also receives internship, scholarship, and writing competition information. This information is posted outside the office door, in the east wing of the basement of Burton. We will be happy to make copies of the information for you.

Helpful links

Director of internships at Oberlin College Career Services Kimberly Betz can be reached at x8140 or

The Careers service's web page is

For more information on getting credit for working for the Review, refer to the Practicum in Journalism page.

For job searches try

For internships see

For general information on career prep, check out

For a calendar to help you plan your job/internship search see

Good information on how to prepare your portfolio can be found at l or

Information about photo journalism can be found here

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