Curing Cancer:
Are We Getting Closer?
Alumni Cancer Crusaders Use New Weapons To Fight An Old Enemy

In 1971, newscaster Walter Cronkite served our country war for dinner. Body counts streamed in from Vietnam, and demonstrations rocked American streets and campuses. As contention flared, however, another more insidious enemy was gripping our populace. For it was in that year that President Richard Nixon, no stranger to daunting fights, declared a much more constructive campaign: a war against cancer. * Some 30 years later the battle is still raging. To discuss some of the toe--or perhaps footholds--gained in the cancer battlefields, four alumni from the pharmaceutical, governmental, and academic sectors returned to campus last fall to share with students, faculty, and townspeople their roles in the development of new cancer treatments. The symposium, organized by associate biology professors Robin Treichel and Jan Thornton, featured panelists Herbert (Sandy) Morse '65, Harlan Waksal '75, David Ranney '65, and Raphael Pollock '72.

(Left ro right: Harlan Waksal '75, Raphael Pollock '72,
Herbert Morse '65, David Ranney '65)

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