Oberlin in All Its Glory

I HAVE ALWAYS TAKEN PRIDE IN BEING A GRADUATE OF OBERLIN, BUT NEVER MORE SO THAN NOW. OBERLIN IS VIBRANT. If you've been on campus lately and seen renovated Peters Hall, the spruced-up Art Museum or the new Environmental Studies Building, you know that this is a special time to be an Obie. It's not just the buildings that exude a restoration of greatness; it's the energetic spirit and drive for excellence that permeate the atmosphere. Oberlin is in its glory simply by being Oberlin.

The Alumni Association is humming. We seek to bring together Obies from around the globe to help foster our continuing relationships with each other and the continued excellence of Oberlin College, including the Conservatory. Notable on-campus events included the successful Librarians Conference, the retirement symposium and dinner in honor of Norm Craig '53, professor of chemistry, and the retirement of Geoffrey T. Blodgett '53, professor of history. Other special reunions that took place over Commencement/Reunion Weekend were the Gathering of the African-American Alumni Association, the Can Consortium Reunion, the fiftieth anniversary of Gilbert & Sullivan Players and special events honoring the men's athletic teams from 1950, as well as twenty-five years of women's inter-collegiate varsity athletics.

In the last year, over 100 events have been held in twenty-four regions, including eighteen faculty visits, a career networking program, and five community service events. New regional coordinators for the Alumni Association started in Ann Arbor, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco and Miami. (We still need help in Cleveland--if you're a Clevelander, would you like to get involved?) We look forward to publicizing athletic events and other off-campus events, such as the Oberlin-Pomona football game scheduled for Claremont, California, on September 9, 2000.

Oberlin is in the midst of a capital campaign, and the Alumni Association fully endorses its goals. At the campaign's outset, 100 percent of the members of the executive board pledged their support. Regional campaign kickoffs were held in Washington, D.C., in January, and New York in April. An exciting event with the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra is yet to come at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles on October 17 of this year. I urge you to find a way to contribute according to your means.

Over thirty alums came to campus this year as part of the Alumni in Service to Oberlin College (ASOC) program to lecture, conduct workshops, and meet with students. Already we are looking ahead to the two-day residency of our Distinguished Achievement Award winner this year, Joseph W. Elder '51 on campus in November. We also look forward to the V-12 reunion, the retirement celebration of Professor of Geology William Skinner and the dedication of the Adam Joseph Lewis Environmental Studies Building September 14-16, 2000.

The Alumni Association's activities are carried on by a devoted and loyal group of volunteers, including regional alumni coordinators, regional admissions recruiting coordinators, our 16-member executive board, and the 300-member Alumni Council representing alums from every class and diverse interest groups. The class presidents continue to keep us informed of recent developments on campus and plan our reunions, reminding us that it is important to share not only our talents but our material goods to secure the future of Oberlin.

Our own volunteer efforts would not be successful without the outstanding work of our tireless Alumni Association staff, so ably led by Midge Wood Brittingham '60, Margaret Sahs Erikson '62 and Dale Preston '83. We deeply appreciate the support of Vice President Kay Thomson and President Nancy Dye. Under the leadership of President Dye, Oberlin's thirteenth President, this is truly one of the most remarkable periods in Oberlin's history. Be an active part of it. Enjoy the company of other Obies at alumni events throughout the coming year, and stay connected to Oberlin.

President, Oberlin Alumni Association

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