Oberlin and Climate Change
The Alumni Association, in conjunction with its new Environmental Education Alumni Association (OEEAA), is hosting an Alumni College titled "Climate Justice" from June 13 to 15. The science and ramifications of climate change, as well as Oberlin's role in the effort, will be examined. Presented by OC staff, students, and alumni, sessions will include "The Basic Science of Climate Change" and "The Oberlin College Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Status Report," as well as panel and breakout discussions on the College's policy and goals for climate justice. Reading materials will be provided in advance to offer familiarity with the topics to be discussed. For more information, contact the Alumni Association at at (440)775-8692 or visit

Law and the Liberal Arts
"Law and the Liberal Arts at Oberlin College," a conference that will bring together alumni with law-related degrees or occupations, will be held on campus November 14 to 16. Panels will address the First Amendment and the Internet, civil liberties and anti-terrorism, the teaching of law and legal institutions to undergraduates and law students, law and social change, environmental law, and more. Alums who may not be identified in OC's database as having a law-related occupation or degree and who wish to receive registration materials should contact Margaret Erikson at For more information, contact Ron Kahn, James Monroe Professor of Politics and Law, at or at the Department of Politics, Oberlin, OH 44074.

Symposium Honors David Young
The Department of English welcomes former students to a spring symposium on modern poetry in honor of Professor David Young's upcoming retirement.
For further information, send a note to

Which Way to Oberlin?
More than 120 of you took a crack at OAM's "Which Way to Oberlin?" contest (Fall 2002), which asked you to guess the location of an "Oberlin" and "College" intersection. Your replies suggest that such cross streets are common--existing in Houston, Albuquerque, Iowa City, and Columbus. Half of you guessed correctly that our photo was shot in Palo Alto, Calif., near Stanford University. And although some of you 'fessed up to Internet cheating, we're pretty sure that our winner was on the up-and-up. Congratulations to Megan Cutnaw '99, of Lorain, Ohio, who spotted the sign during a visit to Stanford.

Oberlin College Press Seeks Supporters
Oberlin College Press, the publisher of FIELD: Contemporary Poetry and Poetics since 1969, is creating a Friends of the Oberlin College Press organization. Building on the magazine's early success, the Press now publishes two to three books a year as part of its FIELD Poetry Series, FIELD Translation Series, and FIELD Editions. For information, contact Linda Slocum, managing editor, at (440) 775-8408
or at

Calling All WOBC Alums...
Paul Wilczynski '70 is seeking alumni help in creating a WOBC alumni affiliate group. If interested, please send Paul a note at To keep track of the group's progress, subscribe to his mailing list by e-mailing, typing subscribe wobc-alumni in the message area.

Corrections from Previous Issues
The article "Alumni Day of Service" (Fall 2002) incorrectly identified Camille Presbury as the daughter of Clyde Owan. Camille actually belongs to Graylin W. Presbury '78. "One More Thing" (Summer 2002) incorrectly identified Pat Tarnow '49 as a former class president. Barbara Bayless '49 actually served in that position.

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