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Ribbons pinned to the clothing of infant triplets left by the roadside in rural China. The girls were later adopted by the family of David Youtz ’82. Photo by Danielle Richards.

Sister Act
[Cover Story]
Their trip to a Chinese orphanage last year led David Youtz ’82 and his family to make the biggest decision of their lives: adopting three baby girls left abandoned by a rural roadside. The adoption of the girls may have been the first international adoption of triplets ever allowed by the Chinese government. / by Lindy Washburn ’75

In Defense of Books
The proliferation of digital technology in the Internet age has led some to question
whether bound books and traditional libraries as physical places have a long-term future. / by Robert Kuttner ’65

Electricity, At What Cost?
Mountaintop coal removal is a burning environmental issue about which most Americans are unaware. David Orr’s Environmental Policy course allowed students to get up close and personal with the landscapes and people it affects. / by Anne Paine

A Lost World Revisited
An 18th-century Polish synagogue became the focus of an intense winter-term project designed to replicate an important piece of religious art. / by Rian Brown-Orso

Obie, You Can Drive my Car
Why own a car when you can share one? Ohio’s first car-share fleet was launched at Oberlin in February thanks to a student-initiated partnership between the College and a Cleveland start-up company called CityWheels. / by Kelly Viancourt