Interactive Map of Oberlin, 1874

A series of clickable maps which link property, images, and city directory information.

In the magnified quadrant maps, the following buildings can be clicked on to access pictures and more information: C. G. Finney House, Westwood Cemetery, Tappan Hall, First Church, Railroad Depot, College Chapel, and Ladies' Hall.

Also, for users of Netscape Navigator for Macintosh or Windows machines, and Microsoft Internet Explorer for Macintosh or Windows (version 4), you can move the mouse over the magnified maps to access city directory information.

For example, in the North-West Quadrant of the West Oberlin map, when you move the mouse over the property of J. Jewell, you should see at the bottom of your browser window that J. Jewell is a farmer who lives at 46 West Lorain.



Warning--Large, slow loading image files