Oberlin College Architecture: A Short History
by Geoffrey Blodgett

John Mercer Langston and Oberlin's Antebellum African American Heritage
by William and Aimee Lee Cheek

Resources for Studying the Lane Debates and the Oberlin Commitment to Racial Egalitarianism

In Search of Community: The Oberlin Student Movement, 1961-1968
by Alicia D'Addario

The Meeting House
by Robert S. Fletcher

Oberlin Women in Science
by Hope Hibbard and Anna Ruth Brummett

How Did Oberlin Women Students Draw on Their College Experience to Participate in Antebellum Social Movements?
by Carol Lasser

Oberlin and Women's Struggle for Equality
compiled by Carol Lasser

The Underground Railroad in Oberlin: History and Memory
by Carol Lasser

The Gruen Plan for Oberlin, Ohio
by Courtney McGee

Giles Waldo Shurtleff:  Leadership in the Cause of Freedom
by John Mercer

First Church and Oberlin's Early African American Community
by Marlene Merrill

Sarah Margru Kinson: The Two Worlds of an Amistad Captive
by Marlene D. Merrill

Postcards from Oberlin
by Cynthia Nickoloff

The Memories Within Us: Vignettes from the Oberlin Oral History Project

"The Anti-Saloon Conflict: The Oberlin Campaign"
by Howard H. Russell (ca. 1897)

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Vernon Johns: Farmer, Preacher, Civil Rights Pioneer
by Maelinda Turner

The Oberlin-Wellington Rescue
by Jonah Volk

Continuing the Struggle for Racial Justice - King's Visits to Oberlin

Guides to Scholarship on Oberlin

Bibliography of Underground Railroad Materials

compiled by the Oberlin Public Library

Oberlin History Bibliography
compiled by the Oberlin College Archives