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Our Common Center
Historical Images of Downtown Oberlin

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Drawings, Maps, and Views of Oberlin

Sketch of Early Oberlin

Drawing of Early Oberlin

An Interactive Map of Oberlin, 1874

Postcards from Oberlin
by Cynthia Nickoloff

Kids' View of Oberlin from Tappan Square



Behind the Facades
Slide tour of historic downtown Oberlin by Marilyn Fedelchak Harley

Our Common Center
An electronic database of historical images of downtown Oberlin

The Gruen Plan
An examination of a proposal to redevelop downtown Oberlin (1957)

Community Landmarks and Monuments

Hiram A. Pease/John and Delilah Copeland Property
a history by Ronald and Nancy Hendrikson

Walking Tour of Oberlin's Civil War Monuments

Harpers Ferry Monument

Soldiers Monument

General Shurtleff Statue

Historic Elm (1915)

Railroad Depot

By-gone Buildings

Westwood Cemetery

Westwood: A Historical and Interpretive View of Oberlin's Cemetery

See an online index of Oberlin faculty and staff buried at Westwood Cemetery

Tappan Square

Memorial Arch

Oberlin's Designation as National Historic Chemical Landmark

From Union School to Westervelt Hall to New Union Center for the Arts

The Oberlin Water Works



Houses of Worship: A Tour of Churches of Oberlin (prepared in 1996)

Oberlin's Sacred Heritage: The African-American Tradition

Christ Church

Original Rust M.E. Church and Parsonage (1875-1915)

The Meeting House: A History of First Church
by Robert S. Fletcher

College Buildings

Oberlin College Architecture: A Short History
by Geoffrey Blodgett

Tappan Hall

Oberlin College Buildings
A chronological listing

Cass Gilbert's Visions for Oberlin College:

Oberlin Tower

Finney Chapel

Early Photos of Oberlin College from Library of Congress:
(Warning: these files are very large)

View #1 of Memorial Arch

View #2 of Memorial Arch

Talcott Corner

Students and Faculty

South Professor St.

Winter in Oberlin

Men's Campus Plan

Sketches of Hall Auditorium



Historic Preservation in Oberlin

Jewett House

Burrell/King House

Dascomb House

Wilson Bruce Evans House (also at National Park Service)

Charles Martin Hall House

Hall House

Shurtleff/Monroe House

Langston House

Weltzheimer-Johnson House