The Founding Era and Antebellum Oberlin

Covenant of the Oberlin Colony (1833)

Prospectus for the Oberlin Collegiate Institute (1833)

Resources for Studying the Lane Debates and the Oberlin Commitment to Racial Egalitarianism

Pastoral Letter by John J. Shipherd (1835)

Constitution of the Oberlin Anti-slavery Society (1835)

Letters About Traveling to Oberlin in the 1830's

Early Oberlin Through the Eyes of an Expelled Student (1837)

Letter Sent by Oberlin College to Raise Money from British Abolitionists (1839)

Documents Relating to Women in Antebellum Social Movements

Documents Relating to the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue and Rescuers' Trial (1858-59)

Letters Written by John A. Copeland from Charleston Jail
In late 1859, three Oberlinians assisted John Brown in his historic raid on Harper's Ferry. One was killed in the battle, and two, including John Copeland, were captured and hanged. These letters presented here were written by Copeland to his family in Oberlin while in jail awaiting his execution.

"A Journey to Virginia in December, 1859" a lecture by Prof. James Monroe (published in 1897)

Mid-Nineteenth-Century Census Records and City Directory

1850 Census of Russia Township

Oberlin City Directory 1859-60

1860 Census of Russia Township

Late Nineteenth Century

Selected Speeches by John Mercer Langston (1829-1897)

Articles Relating to the Ratification of the 15th Amendment (1870-74)

Writings and Speeches from the Oberlin Jubilee (1883)

See also the Oberlin City Directory Database maintained by O.H.I.O.


Twentieth Century

Newspaper Articles Regarding the Meeting of the Niagara Movement (1908)

Local Business in 1935: Articles from the Oberlin News-Tribune (1935)

Documents on the Barbershop Controversy (1944)

Our Common Center: A Database of Historic Images of Downtown Oberlin

Index to Lorain County News and Oberlin Weekly News

Documents in the Oberlin College Archives