Speeches and Writings for the

Oberlin Jubilee

To Commemorate the
50th Anniversary of the Founding of

Oberlin Colony and College



Prelude to the Jubilee, Prof. Judson Smith

Introductory Address, Prof. W. G. Ballantine

The Revival Wave of Fifty Years Ago, Prof. Fairchild

The Oberlin of Today, An Alumnus

Company C, Prof. James Monroe

The Oberlin of Tomorrow, An Alumnus

Oberlin and Woman, Lucy Stone

Jail-Bird Experience, Prof. Ralph Plumb

A Letter from Ex-President Rutherford B. Hayes

Address of Ex-President R. B. Hayes

The Beginning, Rev. John M. Williams

Oberlin and the Education of Women, Sarah C. Little

The Colony and the College, Rev. W. H. Ryder

Letter from Theodore D. Weld