Kids' View of Oberlin from Tappan Square


Our tree has pods. Its branches are twisty. There are branches that have been cut off. There are skinny branches and fat branches. The branches are low and good for sitting on!

Mrs. Burton's class at Eastwood School adopted this tree. This is a picture of our whole class visiting the tree in February.

We can see lots of buildings from our tree. Most of them are special Oberlin College places. Some of us took pictures of our favorite places to share with you.

-- Zack Braford



Table of Contents:

Stephanie Antill's picture of King Building

Nick Chmura's picture of the bandstand

Bryce Hamilton's picture of Bosworth Hall

Andy Miller's picture of Hall Auditorium

Corbin Schlather's picture of the Memorial Arch

Miranda Werdebaugh's picture of Finney Chapel

Vanessa White's picture of Oberlin College


King Building

I think this building is beautiful. I love this building. It's my favorite building in Oberlin. This building is called the King building.

-- Stephanie Antill


the Bandstand

The bandstand was made for everbody. I have seen a hundered people at the bandstand.

-- Nick Chmura


Bosworth Hall

I took this picture of Bosworth Hall because I think it is a pretty building. My teacher got married there in Fairchild Chapel. She thinks it is very beautiful.

-- Bryce Hamilton


Hall Auditorium

I took this picture of Hall Auditorium. I think this building is nice. I like the humps in this building.

-- Andy Miller


Memorial Arch

The Memorial Arch is a nice place to do your homework. It is very peaceful there. The Memorial Arch has lots of steps and it is round.

-- Corbin Schlather


Finney Chapel

Finney Chapel is a beautiful building. It used to be a church. I have been inside. So has my class. We went to see an opera.

-- Miranda Werdebaugh


Oberlin College

This picture is of Oberlin College. My dad works there. I love it. It is fun.

-- Vanessa White

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