Articles from The Oberlin News Tribune, 1935

Behr's Boot Shop



For a number of years A. P. Behr has conducted a shoe store on North Main street. Mr. Behr knows the shoe business and has dealt fairly with Oberlin customers both town and college in his career here. The Behr family is one of the oldest families of Oberlin, Mr. Behr’s father having conducted a store here many years ago. A. P. Behr for ten years or so has been clerk of the Westwood Cemetary Association. In this capacity he has been the chief figure in movements looking to the beautifying of the cemetery and to a firmer financial establishment for the operations of the association. Though quiet and reserved in disposition Mr. Behr has the respect of his associates in business and of people here in general.

Friday, March 29, 1935
The Oberlin News-Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio