Articles from The Oberlin News Tribune, 1935

Pfaff and Morris

Henry Pfaff Engaged in Clothing Business for Years

When Henry Pfaff and Earl Morris entered the clothing business in 1915, under the firm style of Pfaff & Morris, the senior member was assuming a joint management of a line of retailing in which he had been engaged since boyhood. Mr. Pfaff was for many years an employee of August Strauss, one of Oberlin’s pioneer merchants who was in business here for more than half a century.

Mr. Morris, who had been employed in the banking business, later became chairman of council and acting mayor of Oberlin. His death occurred a year ago. The interest of Mr. Morris was retained by his widow, Mrs. Mary Morris, and the store is still conducted under the management of Mr. Pfaff.

For a time Pfaff & Morris owned a store at Wellington but this was sold recently that Mr. Pfaff might confine his efforts to the business here. The store is of very high-grade and it enjoys the patronage of a wide circle of friends and customers.

Friday, March 29, 1935
The Oberlin News-Tribune, Oberlin, Ohio