The Oberlin-Wellington Rescuers

The Rescuers, from Left to Right:

Jacob R. Shipherd, student in seminary preparatory course
Orindatus S. B. Wall, shoemaker
Loring Wadsworth, farmer
David Watson, farmer
Wilson Bruce Evans, cabinetmaker and undertaker
Eli Boies, physician
Ralph Plumb, lawyer
Henry Evans, cabinetmaker and undertaker
Simeon Bushnell, clerk and printer
John H. Scott, harness and trunk maker
Matthew Gillet, farmer
Charles Langston, schoolteacher
Ansel W. Lyman, student in preparatory department
James H. Bartlett, Jr., cobbler
William E. Lincoln, Oberlin College freshman
Richard Winsor, junior in preparatory department
John Watson, grocer
James M. Fitch, bookseller and printer
Henry E. Peck, Oberlin College professor of sacred rhetoric
Daniel Williams, farmer

Not Included in Picture:

James Bartlett, cobbler
John A. Copeland, Jr., carpenter
Robert L. Cummings, resident of Wellington
Matthew DeWolf, resident of Wellington
Jeremiah Fox, teamster
Thomas Gena, fugitive slave
Chauncey Goodyear, resident of Penfield
John Hartwell, fugitive slave
Lewis Hines, farmer
Franklin Lewis, resident of Oberlin
Abner Loveland, farmer
John Mandeville, brickmaker
Henry D. Niles, lawyer
William Sciples, resident of Wellington
William D. Scrimgeour, Oberlin College senior
Walter Soules, farmer
William Watson, shop clerk


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