Buildings, Businesses, and People

Buildings -- Spear Library,
Council Hall, Goodrich House

Businesses -- Oberlin Business College, A. G. Comings Bookstore


People -- early Prospect Fifth Grade class, Glee Club



(ca. 1905)

"Spear Library, Oberlin Ohio"


"Council Hall, Oberlin, Ohio"


"Goodrich House. The Oberlin Kindergarten Training School"

(ca. 1909)

"Warner Concert Hall, Organ & Stage" -- above that title,the writer of the postcard wrote what is presumably the name of the man in the picture: Mr. Andrews.

This postcard is postmarked Oberlin Ohio, January 22, 1909, 7 pm:

Dear Mrs. Clock,

Want to send you a photo of "Pyle Inn" soon, where we stay. Both well. Had an organ lesson yesterday. Practice at home every morning. Wish Margaret were here. Hope you can come to see us. With love to you all - Mrs. J.G. Loofborrow, Oberlin Ohio. 110 West College St. January 22, 1909.



"Oberlin Business College, Oberlin, Ohio"


A.G. Comings Bookstore -- a business which itself printed many Oberlin postcards.


(ca. 1909)

Prospect Fifth Grade, 1908-1909

Teacher: Alice Gaston

First Row: (Left to right) Donald Sage, Olga Wampler, Mary Martin, Marie Mason, Maxine Beckwith
Second Row: Elsie DeGroff, Helen Ames, Marguerite Worchester, Elwin Prucha, Marian Treat
Third Row: Mildred Evans, Reva Allen, Mildred Morris, Wanda Behr, Merritt Skeels
Fourth Row: Helen Crehan, Albert Goldfarb, Marie Morris, Robert Hutchins, Richard Kimball, Lester Morris, Carroll Strong
Fifth Row: Martha Read, Harold Bedford, Russell Miller, Whitman Newell, Clarence Johnson, Eddie Cowan, Carl VanAusdale, Theodore West, Carl Baumhart


The Glee Club of 1906. The writer of the postcard wrote on the front of card:

"Those that I have marked x are the only ones I know. One is principal of the academy. I think we will hear a fine concert. I have heard them once. They gave these postals to the students at Chapel this week. [indiscernable name]"



The Glee Club of 1910 and the schedule of their annual concert tour.

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