"Dear Katie..." --

a sample of Oberlin postcards received by an Oberlinian named "Katie"

(ca. 1910)

"West College Street, Oberlin, Ohio"

This postcard is postmarked Oberlin Ohio, August 18, 1910, 7 pm:

Dear Katie,

If you see Nelson cheer him up all you can and I can explain more when you get home. Your loving Mother.

(ca. 1910)

"Lorain County Orphans Home, Oberlin O"

This postcard is postmarked Oberlin Ohio, September 14, 1910, 3 pm:

Dear Katie,

I got your card last eve. She helped peel apples until bedtime, and this morning she did not have time to write. The day you want is Sept. 17. Some of us will send her a card.

I have ten chickens left now of the two batches. The incubator is hatching but I dont know how many yet. I have not heard a word from N., whether he is at work or coming home. Tell him to write if he is not. I am so very busy or I would have written to hom. G. comes & goes all right. She can tell you about the school when you come home. Good bye.


(ca. 1913)

This postcard is postmarked Oberlin Ohio, July 23, 1913:

Dear Katie,

Things are all O.K. We get pretty lonesome evenings, but after we are in bed we don't mind it. Hope you can come Frkday. Apples are ripe, blackberries are commencing. Stay as long as you can. I am planning to make apple jelly tomorrow. Come early as you can to plan to stay. With love, Lida.

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