Sacred Heart Catholic Church
A Short History

Sacred Heart Parish at Oberlin is a parish of great history. Dating back to the 1860's, officially founded in 1880 and with a resident pastor at the turn of the 19 / 20th century, it found its origins in German farmers and Irish maids. The Germans came to till the rich soil of the Firelands, the Irish maids came to work for the College of Oberlin. For the first 25 years or so mass was said in the homes of the faithful. A church was finally built in 1900 at the corner of Groveland and Pleasant streets in downtown Oberlin. The old Parish House still stands there. The church was dismantled and there are still pieces of it incorporated into the homes of faithful parishioners.

The site of the church was moved in 1960 to the present site at 410 W Lorain at the sign of the water tower. A particularly convenient symbol for the location of a church that is founded on the sacrament of baptism.

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