'Introduction to Quantum Physics' by Kerman, Sartori, and Taylor (1968)

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The book Introduction to Quantum Physics, preliminary edition of 1968, by Arthur K. Kerman, Leo Sartori, and Edwin F. Taylor was, and still is, a stunningly innovate approach to quantum physics. In particular, it was the first introductory text to include a discussion of entanglment (appendix to chapter 6).

This preliminary effort was extensively revised and much of the innovation removed before it saw wide dissemination as An Introduction to Quantum Physics by A.P. French and Edwin F. Taylor (Norton, 1978).

The preliminary edition was the third draft of part VII of 'Physics -- a New Introductory Course'. It was copyrighted in 1968 by "the Educational Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology" under the Copyright Act of 1909, so the copyright expired in 1996. Hence I may legally post the book here for free download. The version I scanned came from the MIT library through Interlibrary Loan, except that the cover came from a copy I purchased that -- judging from the mark on its cover -- had previously belonged to Authur Taub.


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