"We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions."
Ronald Reagan

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."
Abraham Lincoln

Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series
   The Oberlin College Republicans hold a lecture series each semester with the generous support of Oberlin alumnus Steven Shapiro ('83). The series is meant to bring prominent guests to Oberlin who can present conservative viewpoints on a wide range of issues -- viewpoints of the sort not usually heard on campus. To see the full schedule for the current semester, as well as a list of past speakers, click here.
State of the CRs Reports
   Before the end of each semester in office, the President of the Oberlin College Republicans is charged, in accordance with our charter, with composing a brief overview of the organization's activities during that semester. For information about our activities during the current semester, visit our homepage. Past State of the CRs reports are available below.
Fall 2006
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Spring 2006
"The Spring 2006 semester was a wildly successful one for the Oberlin College Republicans. We have established ourselves as one of the most active student organizations on campus -- certainly the most active political group -- with speaker events, community service, debates, and more.
    Over the course of the semester, the CRs held meetings almost every week. We began the spring by kicking off the Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series, bringing conservative columnist and writer Michelle Malkin (OC '92) to speak on campus. The event was a huge success, thanks to the generous support of Oberlin alumnus Steven Shapiro (OC '83) and to the hard work of the organizer of our speaker series, Vice President Barry Garrett. Over 200 students, professors, and community members filled West Lecture Hall over capacity for the inaugural lecture of the series, and Ms. Malkin's talk was covered by C-SPAN2's BookTV.
    In March, the CRs held a two-week donation drive to collect care package items to be sent to U.S. troops stationed overseas. With the support of local businesses (Gibson's, Ben Franklin, and Missler's) and the USO of Northern Ohio, the CRs collected and donated two large boxes filled to the brim with food, toiletries, books, and other gifts for our troops. This was our first service event, and we were very pleased with the response from the Oberlin community.
    Our activities continued after spring break. In April, the CRs were pleased to welcome David Arredondo (Chairman, Lorain Area GOP) to campus to give a talk on the history of the Republican Party. Later in the month, the CRs worked with Oberlin ACLU to organize a debate on capital punishment. We are extremely proud of this event. To our knowledge, it is the first organized debate (on any topic) that has taken place on campus for at least four years. The event was very successful, drawing about 150 people to West Lecture Hall to listen to arguments for and against the death penalty from two attorneys, one a prosecutor from Ohio (invited by the CRs) and the other a public defender from California (invited by the Oberlin ACLU).
    In early May, we held our last major event of the semester. Wall Street Journal editorial writer John Fund visited Oberlin to deliver a lecture that would be the second installment of the Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series. The event was well-attended and Mr. Fund's lecture was received well by the audience of students, faculty members, and others from the Oberlin community.
    Today, the state of the CRs is strong, and for that we have a few very dedicated people to thank: Barry Garrett (Fall 2005 President, Spring 2006 Vice President), Tim Hall (Faculty Advisor), Steven Shapiro (OC '83), Dan Riczo (Secretary), and all other dedicated CRs members who have worked so hard to give the ideas of conservatism the exposure they merit at Oberlin College. Thank you."
May 14, 2006
J. Bruno
President, Oberlin CRs