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Project Winter Term
Each January, some 1,400 students forsake the campus and dive headfirst into life’s muddy middle. Whether it’s to explore a career path, reconnect with an ethnic heritage, or satisfy a yearning for deeper knowledge, winter term finds Obies in far-flung places throughout the globe.

Three's Company
A trio of young alumni has raised $15 million dollars to tackle some persistent problems facing the City of Oberlin: quality affordable housing and stagnant downtown retail sales. The group’s mixed-use real estate project is scheduled to break ground this fall.

Daily Dose
He’s that bespectacled, nerdy news correspondent on The Daily Show with John Stewart—you know, the one who instigates bar brawls and pokes fun at “real” journalists? Yep, Ed Helms ’96 (second from left) is an Obie, and he’s credited for bringing the funny into the nightly news.