Book Barbs

I hope it was in the interest of even-handedness that you published a review of Michelle Malkin’s book, In Defense of Internment (“Bookshelf,” Winter 2004-05). It’s instructive to look at the other things Regnery Press publishes. To say that Malkin is a conservative considerably understates the case— she’s an immigration fear-monger, among other things, who uses her column as a bully pulpit for her misguided views. Too bad someone like this doesn’t realize that our nation is built on immigrants. Thank goodness Bill Schulz was profiled in the same issue.
Nancy Hilty ’62
San Anselmo, Calif.

I am glad to see that you included both a review of Michelle Malkin’s book and Bill Schulz’s remarks. My unparallelled access to public opinion (I run a hardware store: top that, number crunchers!) has convinced me that the greatest danger to our society is not that we disagree, but the idea that if people disagree with us, it is OK to stop talking to them.
Paul Demmer ’72
Massillon, Ohio

I’m appalled that your winter issue would even mention, let alone illustrate, a book that justifies the use of concentration camps for Japanese citizens and advocates the internment of Muslims. Michelle Malkin has been a shill for the most despicable causes of the lunatic fringe of the extreme right wing. I suggest you remember instead the graduates like Bill Schulz who embody the principles you claim to teach.
Dan Robertson, parent
San Diego, Calif.

Praising the Classics

What a pleasure to read about the establishment of the Nathan A. Greenberg Professor- ship in Classics. I took two classes with Dr. Greenberg in the late ’50s, when he was then the junior member of the classics department’s triumvirate, along with Charles T. Murphy and Alfred Schlesinger. In those days Oberlin College was blessed with outstanding lecturers in many departments, and Nate remains in my memory as one of the best. It would appear that the Department of Classics has maintained its distinguished heritage. A “classic” way to honor a man who exuded class.
Benjamin Sevitch ’60
Newington, Conn.

Craving Class Notes

I would like to cast a vote for a return to the old-fashioned gossip column format for the class notes section of the OAM. I recently received my OAM and was disappointed to discover that only two of my classmates had submitted news about themselves. It made for rather short reading! If we were again permitted to submit secondhand informa- tion, perhaps more people would be inclined to write in, and the columns would be livelier. I seem to remem-ber secondhand news being disqualified some time ago on the grounds of accuracy, but perhaps it is better in this case to be entertaining? (And surely most Obies know to take their class notes with a grain of salt.)
Vicky Solan ’94
Montreal, Quebec

Editor’s response: OAM does, in fact, welcome secondhand news, but we try to verify mentions of job promotions, deaths, etc. The policy was put in place not just to ensure accuracy, but also privacy: some modest alums say they are uncomfortable by the thought of “boasting” to other readers. Keep the news coming!

Just Rewards for Obies

The Alumni Association is in search of individuals to recognize for their service to Oberlin College. Awards are presented annually to alumni whose values reflect those of Oberlin. While the Alumni Medal and the Distinguished Service Award recognize contributions to Oberlin College, the Distinguished Achievement Award identifies those who maintain the values of Oberlin through their careers and volunteer activities. The Certificate of Appreciation acknowledges unique service and contribution to the College. To nominate an alumnus for an award, simply complete the nomination forms that accompany alumni mailings or con- tact the Alumni Association at 50 West Lorain Street, 108 Bosworth Hall, Oberlin, OH 44074. Nominations re-ceived before July 31 will be reviewed by the Awards Committee next fall. Members of the Alumni Council Executive Board and Awards Committee, as well as current Oberlin employees, are ineligible for these awards.
William Bradford ’76
Chair, Alumni Awards Committee


Due to an editing error, the “Inside Oberlin” column in the Winter issue mistakenly indicated that that alumnus John Long Severance was the teacher of artists Itzhak Perlman, Midori, and Gil Shaham. He was not.

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