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End of All-Male Dorm Sparks Vandalism

In what seemed like a last attempt to demonstrate against Residential Life and Service’s decision last Thursday to turn Zechiel Hall, an all-male, predominantly athletic residence hall on north campus into a co-ed residence hall by next year, vandals caused destruction throughout the building. The vandalism occurred throughout the weekend.
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Report Highlights Financial Aid Discrepancies

Those who think that working hard in school and earning good grades are enough to get a student to college are apparently mistaken. According to a report by the Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance to the United States Department of Education, many low-income students’ needs for financial aid are going unfulfilled in two-year and four-year state colleges as well as four-year private colleges.
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End of All-Male Dorm Sparks Vandalism

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Report Highlights Financial Aid Discrepancies

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