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People and Process

People and Process

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is composed of members of the Oberlin College Board of Trustees, as well as Oberlin College faculty, students, staff, administrators, and alumni. While this composition of the Steering Committee seeks to ensure that the strategic planning process will be informed by members’ diverse experiences with and relationships to Oberlin, Steering Committee members’ participation in this vital institutional planning effort will not seek to represent the interests of any particular constituency, but will be oriented and focused towards Oberlin as a whole.

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Our Charge

OrchestraTo provide advice to the Board of Trustees on the strategic direction that Oberlin should take for the future to make Oberlin one of the most distinguished institutions of higher education in the world

To review the landscape of higher education, the driving forces that have emerged and will likely develop, views of relevant constituencies, and various trends that will affect the status and stature of liberal arts colleges and conservatories of music over the next two decades

To make recommendations for a plan for the future that articulates both a shared vision of Oberlin and specific recommendations to be implemented over the next three to five years to help us realize that vision