Oberlin Alumni Magazine: Summer 2001 Vol.97 No.1
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Visions of Oberlin
Safety Man
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Round Robin Takes Flight
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Around Tappan Square

A face, a space, an embrace--
images captured by student photographers asked to define their personal visions of Oberlin College.

Their best works appear here.

"If I read another page of Inferno, I'm going to go crazy!' My vision of Oberlin, as it were, is of students with unique personalities pushing themselves in all directions. This picture captures a moment just before the breaking point."

Sara Cole is a senior biology major from Pittsburgh. She began studying photography in high school while working with the artist mentoring program at the Manchester Craftmen's Guild in Pittsburgh. She has been part of OPAC, Oberlin's photo co-op, since her first year on campus.

"This is my friend Melissa reading on the porch of Harkness Co-op. During my time at Oberlin, I have seen the Harkness porch serve as many things: a dining room, discussion space, smoking lounge, hangout, study space, and home to a wading pool and hammock. I thought Melissa looked cute here with her book on China, so I took her picture."

Madeleine Asher is a junior studio art major who grew up in New York City and lives in Westport, Connecticut. She recently became interested in painting and hasn't had much experience with darkroom photography.

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