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News Briefs

Falling Man Sits up

Mudd Library's famed painting, Max Schumann's Falling Man, has taken on a whole new character. While the painting has always been hung vertically, Director of the Library Ray English elected to re-hang it horizontally in homage to the stress students face during finals.

"I have wanted to be able to play around with that painting for a long time," English said. "It takes on a very different character depending on the position it's in."

English executed the re-hanging of Falling Man with the help of the buildings and grounds department.

"It seemed like it would just be fun to change at the time of the semester when everyone stresses out," English said. Students have complained that Falling Man is too depressing a work.

While some students have taken to calling the figure in the new hanging, "Sit-up Man," English remained silent on what he would dub the new version of Falling Man. "I think that's up to the cult that follows Mudd to think about," he said.

English remained similarly enigmatic when asked whether the painting would be re-hung in its original state after the completion of finals. "I give no prediction about any future positioning - you'll have to guess," he said.

Falling Man was the first original student piece the library purchased for its permanent collection. Schumann, who would have been a member of the class of 1987, withdrew after his first year to "do something else for a while."

-Nick Stillman

Trustees Meet

Oberlin Trustees met this weekend, tackling financial issues and plans for next year.

The Board made the final steps towards donating $2 million to the Oberlin Medical Center. During the brief open session on Saturday morning, the Board discussed the investment report, the facilities budget and projects planned for next year.

Students in attendance were invited to speak at the end of the meeting. Sneior spokeswoman Johanna Almiron spoke about increased multi-ethnic studies and more space for multi-ethnic dance and theater. "We will continue the battle until we prevail," Almiron said.

Dean of Students Peter Goldsmith reported on the Trustee Committee on Student Life. Among other things, the board discussed issues brought up in the Dec. 6 Class Trustee meeting. "In the wake of that, I acquainted them with current student interests including the Chief Wahoo symbol and student interest in co-ed residence hall rooms. Although discussion on the latter was not lengthy, some Trustees appeared to share my interest in seeing whether we could create the right kinds of circumstances and arrangements to make this idea workable," Goldsmith said.

-Alex Parker

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