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You Can Say that Again

"I would have liked to see us kick their butts next season."

-Mike Muska,
Athletic Director
On Swarthmore dropping from the Yeomen's football schedule.

Athlete of the Week

Senior guard Maurice Elrod from Chicago, Illinois scored 14 points against Wooster last week, and with those points he reached the 1,000 career mark. He is only the 15th Yeoman player in Oberlin history to achieve this mark. Elrod added 11 points at Ohio Wesleyan and needs just four points to reach the 14th position with 1,015 points.
Elrod will look to lead the Yeomen to their third win of the season at home against Kenyon, on January 6th.

Maurice Elrod
(photo courtesy of S.I.D, Jeff Miller)

Marquee Event

Lady Crimson Basketball Christmas Tournament
On Dec. 29 and 30, the Oberlin women's basketball team will host a four team tournament on Friday and Saturday. The team will be looking for redemption after a 1-7 start to their season.

IN THE LOCKERROOM WITH...Jordan "Bundy" Kaltman

(photo courtesy of S.I.D, Jeff Miller)

Jordan "Bundy" Kaltman

Jordan, is it hard being a Jew on Christmas?
JK: Yeah. It's pretty lonely. [first-year] Ben [Alswhick], myself and the rest of the J.H.'s will hang out.

Who are the "J.H.'s"?
JK: The Jewish hunks.

Do you watch South Park?
JK: I feel for Kyle's character. I would hang out with him.

What Christmas gifts are you buying for friends this year?
JK: Christmas gifts? Well I guess I would give [junior Bob] Montag the gift of being a ladies' man. And I would give [sophomore] Jon MacDonald a few extra hundred pounds.

How did you get the nickname "Bundy?"
JK: Mo [senior Maurice Elrod] would see me watching Married With Children and just started calling me Bundy.

What are you going to do with all of your hair after it falls out?
JK: I think I'm going to collect it in a bag and give it to [junior] Ric Pierce.

Ric needs it?
JK: Yup.

If you had one year of eligibility left would you transfer to Swarthmore?
JK: Yes, to the phantom football program that they have.

Uh, so what are you doing after graduation?
JK: I'm still kind of undecided, but I'm thinking about going to grad school for geology.

How would you feel if ResLife made Zeke co-ed?
JK: If they do, they better beware of the consequences.

What do you mean?
JK: It's a secret.

What are your thoughts on the recent Cleveland Scene article on the football team?
JK: Well I think it was better than any article [Review Co-Editor in Chief] Nick Stillman can write.


This Week's Events

Women's Basketball
Friday and Saturday, Dec. 29 and 30 Lady Crimson Christmas Tournament, TBA
Wednesday, Jan. 10 vs. Allegheny, 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan 17 vs. Kenyon, 7:30 p.m
Tuesday, Jan. 30 vs. Denison, 7:30 p.m.
Friday, Feb. 2 vs. Wooster, 7:30 p.m.

Men's Basketball
Friday, Jan. 19 vs. John Carroll, 6 p.m.
Saturday, Jan. 6 vs. Kenyon, TBA
Wednesday, Jan. 17 vs. Denison, TBA
Wednesday, Jan. 31 vs. Allegheny, TBA
Saturday, Feb. 3 vs. Ohio Wesleyan, TBA
Wednesday, Feb. 7 vs. Hiram, TBA

Swimming and Diving
Friday, Jan. 19 vs. John Carroll University, 6 p.m.

What are they talking about?

This week...


Sport: Ice Hockey

What it means: When a player hits the puck from his own defensive zone across the opposition's goal line and it is played by a player of the opposing team other than the goalie. The Plague plays with a modified rule called "no touchback" where the opposing player doesn't have to actually touch the puck. A miscalling of this modified rule resulted in a goal in Saturday's game against Baldwin-Wallace.


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