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What is Your Opinion of the Exam Period At Oberlin? Are Self-Scheduled Exams Necessary?

-Maria Nunez College Junior:
"I transferred from a school that had self-scheduled exams, so I'm all for it. It's much better because you can study for an exam when you want. Some people want to get things done right away, or have it be spread out."

-Yuri Kawata College Senior:
"I think self-scheduled exams would be nice. There's no [reason all the students in a class should take] it on the same day."

-Marion Runk College Sophomore:
"I think reading period should be longer, even just like a day that's not on the weekend, because then if you have like four classes you could do a paper a day. I think self-scheduled exams would be nice because people have problems with multiple exams on the same day, and also because people have problems with travel plans."

-Taylor Greeson College Sophomore:
"I think it's unfortunate that we have exams on the 22nd. Since I wasn't able to get a ticket until then, I couldn't get one until the 24th. Overall, the exam system works, it just stinks it lasts so late."

-Lisl Walsh College Sophomore:
"For some exams, like math exams, I think it's a good idea to have the professor there. I think having papers for finals is a bad idea when you're giving out topics three days before reading period. You should be studying during that time."

-Young Lee College Senior:
"I think we should have a longer reading period, and it shouldn't be over the weekend."

-Chinara Lucas College First-year:
"It should be easier to change your exam time. If you take an exam one day you should be able to change it."

-James Thompson College First-year:
"I don't have any problems at all but I guess it would be nice if you could schedule it yourself."

-Julius Hill College First-year:
"They shouldn't put exams so close to the holidays. For instance, I have to be back on the 26th for basketball, so I only have three or four days at home."

-Adrianne Costello College Senior:
"It would be nicer to have a longer reading period. I think self-scheduled exams would be complicated. I don't think it would work."

-Jessica Gladin-Kramer College Junior:
"At this point, it doesn't affect me that much, but [self scheduled exams] sounds like a good idea for the future so people could schedule travel and studying. But I could see how problems would come up from a professor's standpoint."

-Leila Rassi College Sophomore:
"I think exams should all be take home and done on the honor system, so I can do them when I want and turn them in. I think the semester should end a week earlier."


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