Ephemeral Installations and the Aesthetics of Nature

February 7 through June 17, 2012
Education Hallway

Aesthetic modes offer some of the most important ways in which we encounter, understand, and interpret nature. In Professor Fiskio's Environmental Studies class Nature, Culture, and Interpretation, students focus on four aesthetic frames that are central to Western modes of experiencing nature: the sublime, the pastoral, the Georgic, and the ephemeral. 

This exhibition illuminates the cultural constructions that shape our perceptions of nature, but also encourages viewers to encounter the nonhuman as an agent with the power to disorient our usual modes of perception.

Organized by Janet Fiskio, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Richard Long (English, b. 1945)
Walk Sculpture Documentation, England, 1968
Photo offset lithograph
Ellen H. Johnson Bequest, 1998.7.71