Ritual and Performance in the Yorùbá World

January 29–July 31, 2013
West Ambulatory

The exhibition features art and instruments of ritual Yorùbá performance from Nigeria and the broader Yorùbá  world. The diaspora in the Caribbean, North America, and England has been seminal in the construction of Yorùbá ethnic identity, and the exhibition examines commonalities in rituals of divination and the performance of identity through the artwork of Vodun (“Voodoo”) ceremonies, Orisha cults, and contemporary artists.

This exhibition was curated by Ian MacMillen, Postdoctoral Fellow at Oberlin College and Conservatory, with assistance from Dessane Cassell (OC ‘14).


Ifa Priest's Bag, 20th century
Glass beads, leather, and cotton
Special Acquisitions Fund and contributions in memory of Doris B. Moore, 1981.1