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April 23, 2004

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OSCA members assess COPAO

A year after the formation of OSCA’s Committee on Privilege and Oppression, representatives have begun thinking about reform.

Athletics runs the distance

In 1996, the Oberlin Athletics Department considered changing the name of Oberlin teams from the Yeoman to the Crimson Thunder.

Also in news:
Alex Berger's art stolen, vandalised
David Stull takes over Con
OPLUS, SURF hold forum
Con increases recital crowds
The importance of being a beautiful professor
Council finalizes wind energy buy
Students get tough at Camp Wellstone
Queer Faith Week stresses religious tolerance
Soul saving at Oberlin
Israeli minister supports wall
News Brief: Students offer Guatemalan dinner
Off the Cuff: Franz Wright
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Baseball struggles and drops to ninth in the NCAC

Senior pitcher Troy DeWitt notched his first win of the 2004 season Wednesday, dominating the Lords of Kenyon for a complete game shutout. DeWitt was dominant, allowing only two hits throughout seven innings in a 6-0 victory.

Pickard plays one step ahead

Men’s lacrosse goalie Jared Pickard has gone to greate lengths to maintain a hard work ethic which has in turn helped to take the Yeomen to a higher level.

Also in sports:
Track disappoints at All-Ohio
Women break 25 year record
Softball continues search for victory
Lacrosse pulls together to win last minute game
Tennis drops two
Yeobowlers place second
In the Locker room with...Beth, April and Susie


The Butchies: not your typical “girl band”

I had never heard of The Butchies until I saw their posters in Mudd’s stairwell. I took a minute to study the band members with their short haircuts and laughing faces.

CME inspires and impresses

Chemins, by Luciano Berio, takes the original musicial lines of his earlier Sequenza series and amplifies them with a larger ensemble.

Also in arts:
On the Verge opens with mixed reviews
Pop Culture Digest: Prince live in concert
Brass quintet plays with true brilliance
The Waifs rock Finney Chapel
OC alum reads his new work
Hellboy brings big screen magic to obscure comic
Professors to show their stuff
ilyAIMY comes to Beltane Festival
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Calling for a higher standard
Reforms to the crisis hotline
Apology by Grape
SAST’s coverage regarded as inappropriate
No prioritizing with SAST
SAST’s mission statement
Sexual health fair
Copy editors have opinions too: Israel and Palestine
Vote Free Palestine Divestment at Student Senate
OC’s diversity not consistent
Ulcers of Evans
Oberlin College’s finance club
Language material round-up for Lorain County
SAST’s history important
Thanks, white men
Faculty selection
ESC’s steam lines
Food: Honey, I ate some carbs
Editorial: Farewell to Stackman / Pregnancy at OC