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Staying on Board
Peter J. Kirsch '79 has spent so much time on campus over the past few years that people forget that he lives 1,400 miles away. From the alumni council executive board to a two-year term as Alumni Association president, Kirsch will now deliberate major issues with Oberlin's board of trustees.
A Denver attorney specializing in the practice of environmental and land use law, Kirsch has extensive experience with most environmental statutes governing federal activities. His articles and speeches deal with topics such as airport development and land use projects.
Aside from his Oberlin affiliations, he is a member of the state bars in Colorado, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.; chair of the Board of River Network; and a member of the American Planning Association and the International Municipal Lawyers Association. His term on the board runs through 2006.
Also elected to the board were Victor J. Hymes '79, director of the International Group N.A., Zurich/Scudder Investments in San Francisco, and Yinghao Ingrid Huang '00, for terms ending in 2003.
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19148 Pg 11BA Pipe Dream No More
Alumni who can be in Oberlin September 28 and 29 will be among the first to hear the new C.B. Fisk organ in Finney Chapel. The Opus 116 will swell with sound Friday evening at 8 p.m. as the Oberlin Orchestra performs with soloists David Boe and Haskell Thomson. Saturday's performance features organ solos with Boe and Thomson's performing works by five of the world's most memorable composers for the instrument. All are cordially invited to this inaugural event. For more details, check online at www.oberlin.edu.

19148 Pg 13A
He, Too, Had a Dream
The internationally acclaimed Moses Hogan Singers celebrated the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in February with a concert in Finney Chapel. Hogan, a pianist and 1979 graduate of the Conservatory, is the conductor and artistic director of the New Orleans-based ensemble and considered a central figure in the choral renaissance of the American spiritual. Called a "national treasure" by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the group is dedicated to preserving the integrity and excellence of the African-American choral tradition. The concert was sponsored by the Office of the President and the Conservatory of Music.
Culture Quiz

1. What percentage of U.S. newspapers have no black reporters on staff?
a. 53% b. 45% c. 33% d. 15%
2. How many poor black families and poor white families are there in America?
a. 5 million black, over 2 million white
b. 3 million black, 3 million white
c. Over 2 million black, 5 million white
d. 4 million black, 5 million white
3. From 1980 to 1990 what was the rate of increase for single mothers?
a. The black rate grew nine times as much.
b. The white rate grew nine times as much.
c. Both rates were increasing rapidly.
d. The black rate was increasing; the white rate was decreasing.

4. What percentage of the U.S. 71,000 professional athletes are African-Americans?
a. 60% b. 25% c. 10% d. 7%

5. What percentage of America's drug users are black; what percentage white?
a. over 50% black, 35% white
b. over 25% black, 50% white
c. 12% black, 50% white
d. 12% black, 70% white
Statistics taken from Farai Chdeya's
book Don't Believe the Hype.
Answers: b, c, c, c, d

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