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Please send news of your recently published book along with a review copy, if possible, to "Bookshelf," Oberlin Alumni Magazine. Your review copy will be presented to the Oberlin College Library as a gift from you.
...Briefly Noted

19148  A  
Superwoman Didn't Do Us Any Favors:
The Part-Time Solution
By Frances Belknap Lo '73
iUniverse.com, 2000
More mothers of children under 6 work part time than full time in the U.S. today, and this book examines the lives of these working mothers, whose contributions to society are often overlooked. Lo is a freelance writer and mother of two living in Connecticut.
Linux Hardware Handbook
Linux Samba Server Administration
By Roderick W. Smith '88
Sams, 2000, and Sybex, 2001
The first handbook describes how to select, install, and configure Linux-friendly hardware for optimal performance. The other teaches how to configure a Samba server. Smith has published articles in several computer magazines and is the author of three other books on computer systems.
Making Task Groups Work in Your World
By Diana Hulse-Killacky '65,
Jim Killacky, and Jeremiah Donigian
Prentice-Hall, 2001
By examining the major themes and strategies associated with task groups, the authors provide sound advice on how to make such groups work more effectively. Hulse-Killacky is professor and coordinator of the Counseling Graduate Program at the University of New Orleans.
19148  H  
The Daisy Sutra Conversations with My Dog
By Helen Weaver '52
Buddha Rock Press, 2001
Once a skeptic, the author tells a true story of her discovery of animal communication when her dog Daisy becomes ill. Weaver is a literary translator, astrologer, and freelance writer.
Barking Her Way to the Top: A Collie Pursues a Career in the Civil Service
By Howard D. Rowland '60
Park Place Publications, 2000
In this humorous political satire, Kukushka, a bilingual female collie, is hired by the Civil Service to work in a military educational establishment. Rowland is a freelance translator and retired instructor of Russian and Arabic at the Defense Language Institute.
19148  C  
Challenge Math for the Elementary and Middle School Student
By Edward Zaccaro '74
Hickory Grove Press, 2000
Currently used by teachers and parents of mathematically gifted children, this textbook uses cartoons and math in real-world situations to increase students' problem-solving skills. Zaccaro works with mathematically gifted students at the elementary-and middle-school levels and serves on the school board for the Dubuque Community School District.
Health and Disease in Human History
Social Mobility and Modernization
Edited by Robert I. Rotberg '55
The MIT Press, 2000
This collection of essays explores history using an interdisciplinary approach. Rotberg is co-editor of the Journal of Interdisciplinary History, president of the World Peace Foundation, director of Harvard's Program on Intrastate Affairs, and adjunct professor at the Kennedy School of Government.

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