Message from the Alumni Association
Oberlin in All Its Glory
Felony case settled; More on Bongiorno; Geoff Blodgett bouquet; Loves
magazine, hates logo
Four Obies adopt Oberlin as home; History professor Blodgett retires;
Two new trustees join the board
Matthew Sharpe's deft hand produces
a novel of haunting resonance. Nothing is Terrible, reviewed by David Walker
Extra Credit
Alumni Profiles
Memorial Minute
Ellsworth Carlson '39
Peter Nicholson '91 tries to loosen up his casually impaired preppie image
One More Thing
Commencement 2000
Everything, according to the author who interviewed students, professors, and the college chaplains in an attempt to plumb an apparent renewed quest for spirituality and the attitudes toward "organized" religious practice on campus today. / by Michele Lesie
Indira Mahajan chats about her career as an opera singer as she prepares for her next role. / by Norine Dworkin '88
Lawrence Siddal reports on a late-life adventure as he spends two years in Poland; Laura Wendell '90 brings a library to West Africa. / by Lawrence Siddal '52 and Bonnie S.Lawrence '70
There's a lot you can do these days with a biology degree. Meet three Obies whose careers take them far from the laboratory and the classroom. / by Doug McInnis '70

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