Index of Selected Artists in the Collection

Below is a list of some of the artists whose works are in the collection of the Allen Memorial Art Museum.  Many of the works have images available here, as well as extensive accompanying information. 

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First Name Last Name Title Object Type Accession #
Robert; David Octavius Adamson; Hill Mark Napier Photograph 1994.21
(Sierra Leone)
Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Ivory 1956.5
(Nigeria, Benin)
Leopard Hip Ornament Brass 1955.22
(Ivory Coast, Wee)
Mask Mixed media 1955.43
Erhard Altdorfer Mary Magdalen Healing the Wife and Son of the Prince of Marseilles

Mary Magdalen Appearing at the Battle of Bornhöved
Painting 1941.73

Carl Andre 8 Blocks and 8 Stones Sculpture 1979.8
Attributed to Battista Angolo del Moro Angolo del Moro A Vision of the Holy Family near Verona Painting 1961.83
Sofonisba Anguissola Double Portrait of a Boy and Girl of the Attavanti Family Painting 1961.84
  Apollonio di Giovanni Battle between the Athenians and the Persians, Cassone Panel


Siah Armajani The First House Sculpture 1979.34
  Arman Paint Tube Cube Sculpture 1969.6
Jan Asselijn Landscape with Roman Ruins Drawing 1954.63
Eugene Atget Statues, St. Cloud Photograph 1996.3
Luis Cruz Azaceta The Journey Drawing 2000.23
Sugai Baikan Landscapes in the Styles of Chinese Masters Painting; folding screen 1988.21.2
Anthony Barboza Introspect Photograph 1984.15
Thomas (called Barker of Bath) Barker Interior of a Mill Painting 1940.41
Louis-Ernest Barrias Joan of Arc as Prisoner Sculpture 1979.30
Richmond Barthe Head of a Negro Sculpture 1939.6
Pompeo Batoni Portrait of John Wodehouse Painting 1970.60
Giuseppe Bazzani The Death of Sapphira Painting 1943.278
Miriam Beerman Imaginary Portrait of V.G. #2 Painting 2000.4
Job Berckheyde The Bakery Shop Painting 1956.62
Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret Honors Rendered to Raphael on His Deathbed Painting 1982.93
Joseph Beuys Suit of Clothes Sculpture 1972.48
Giovanni Francesco Bezzi, called Nosadella The Presentation in the Temple Painting 1982.108
Louis-Leopold Boilly Portrait of a Man Painting 1967.5
Chakkaia Booker Blue Bell Sculpture 2001.4
Sebastien Bourdon The Encampment Painting 1957.7
Quirin Gerritsz van Brekelenkam Mother and Child in an Interior Painting 1972.47
Paul Bril Landscape with Nymphs and Satyrs Painting 1953.257
David Brokaw Portrait of Lyman Hill Painting 2002.7
Nicholas A. Brooks Handbill of the Play at the Night of Lincoln's Assassination Painting 1904.593
Barthel Bruyn the Elder Portrait of a Lady Painting 1940.42
Scott Burton Chair Sculpture 1983.14
Yosa Buson Chinese Historical Figures Painting; hanging scoll 1982.101A-C
Claude Cahun Untitled (Self-Portrait) Photograph 1992.12
Alexdander Calder Landscape with Country House Painting 1957.28B
Alexander Calder Yellow Among Reds Sculpture 1966.29
Luca Cambiaso The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine Drawing 1971.69
Rimer Cardillo Untitled Silkscreen 1997.37.4
Emile Auguste Carolus-Duran Portrait of Philippe Burty Painting 1994.9
Annibale Carracci Saint Mary Magdalene in the Wilderness Drawing 1992.2
Agostino Carracci; after Tintoretto The Crucifixion Engraving 1991.33
Jacopo de Casentino Crucifixion Painting 1940.37
Mary Cassatt Feeding the Ducks Drypoint; aquatint 1957.19
  Caucasian (South Transcaucasia) Kazak Carpet with Three "Memling" Medallions Rug 1915.39
  Caucasian (East Transcaucasia) Sileh Brocaded Cover Rug 1975.163
Giuseppe Cesari (Cavaliere d'Arpino ) The Agony in the Garden (Christ on the Mount of Olives) Painting 1969.21
Paul Cézanne Viaduct at L'Estaque (Le Viaduct à l'Estaque) Painting 1950.3
Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin Still Life with a Rib of Beef Painting 1945.32
  Chinese Buddhist Stele Sculpture 1946.39
  Chinese (Qing Dynasty) Pair of Imperial Vases with Scenes of Children at Play Vases 1974.80-81
Demetre Chiparus Dancer with Earrings Sculpture 1979.33
Giorgio de Chirico Self-Portrait Painting 1938.1
Giorgio de Chirico La Solitudine Painting 1988.23
  Christo Running Fence, Project for Sonoma County and Marin County, State of California Drawing 1977.23A-B
Frederick E. Cohen Bentley Simons Runyan Family Painting 1970.10
Willie Cole Man, Spirit, and Mask Etching; woodcut; embossing; hand-coloring 2000.5A-C
Willie Cole Proctor Silex (Evidence and Presence) Sculpture 1991.19A-C
Thomas Cole Lake with Dead Trees (Catskill) Painting 1904.1183
Joseph Cornell Phases de la Lune Sculpture 1977.73
Gustave Courbet Castle of Chillon, Evening Painting 1958.47
Michiel Coxcie Portrait of Christina of Denmark Painting 1953.270
Antoine Coypel The Finding of Moses Painting 1978.2
Guidoccio Cozzarelli Madonna with Child and Two Angels Painting 1943.237
Jasper Francis Cropsey Lake Wawayanda Painting 1904.1187
Henri Edmond Cross The Return of the Fisherman (Le Pêcheur Provençal Painting 1953.271
Aime-Jules Dalou Study for the Figure of the Republic (for the Monument in Memor of Charles Floquet, Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris) Sculpture 1993.13
Gene Davis Untitled Painting 1998.18.3
Willem de Kooning Two Women III Drawing 1957.11
Richard Diebenkorn Woman by a Large Window Painting 1958.118
Richard Diebenkorn Study for Woman by a Large Window Drawing 1961.111
Jim Dine Self-Portrait with Oil Paint Drypoint; lithograph; etching 1978.32
Jim Dine Charcoal Self-Portrait in a Cement Garden Painting; mixed media 1965.47
(Domenico Zampieri) Domenichino Landscape with Flight into Egypt Painting 1968.51
Jean Dubuffet Corps de Dame-Château d'Étoupe) Painting 1963.33
Marcel Duchamp Box in a Valise (Boite-en-Valise) Sculpture; portfolio 1973.13
Albrecht Dürer Saint Jerome in His Study Engraving 1944.60
Albrecht Dürer Samson Killing the Lion Woodcut 1950.128
Albrecht Dürer The Fall of Man (Adam and Eve) Engraving 1967.33
Sir Anthony van Dyck Portrait of a Bearded Man Painting 1944.28
  Epiktetos; Pamphaios Red-Figure Eye-Cup Kylix 1967.61A
Sir Jacob Epstein Lucien Freud Sculpture; bust 1967.20
  Etruscan (Corneto or Tarquinia) Hand Mirror with the Judgment of Paris Sculpture; cast bronze 1942.122
Minnie Evans Untitled (Airlie Gardens) Collage 2002.4
Walker Evans Sidewalk in Vicksburg, Mississippi Photograph 1969.7
Gregorio de Ferrari Love Conquers All Drawing 1973.78
Ciro Ferri Mystical Communion of Blessed Stanislas Kostka Drawing 1974.56
Audrey Flack Hitler Painting 1993.9.1
Audrey Flack Stawberry Tart Supreme Painting 1974.43
Dan Flavin Untitled (to Ellen Johnson, fondly) Sculpture 1979.7
Mariano Jose Maria Fortuny Carbo Scene in Morocco Drawing 1904.1177
Jean-Honoré Fragonard View of a Park Drawing 1951.17
  French Leaf from the "Beauvais" Missal Manuscript 1993.16
  French Reliquary Chasse Depicting the Martyrdom of Thomas Becket Reliquary 1952.20
Emile Galle Opaque Blue and White Ground Vase with Deep Blue Etched Overlay Landscape Vase 1991.28.1
Emile Galle Yellow Frosted Ground Oviform Vessel wtih Etched Overlay of Amber Iris Vase 1991.28.2
Emile Galle Vase with Tree Landscape Vase 1993.10.2
Emile Galle Vase with Petal Design Vase 1993.10.4
Emile Galle Vase with Landscape and Misty Water Design Vase 1993.10.5
Emile Galle Bowl with Raised Design of Flowers and Leaves Bowl 1993.10.6
Fenghan Gao Prunus Blossoms Album leaf 1997.29.1L
Fenghan Gao Chrysanthemums and Rock Album leaf 1997.29.1K
Fenghan Gao Bamboo in the Snow Album leaf 1997.29.1J
Fenghan Gao Tree Peony Album leaf 1997.29.1I
Fenghan Gao Five Garden Rocks Album leaf 1997.29.1H
Fenghan Gao Two Garden Rocks Album leaf 1997.29.1G
Fenghan Gao Spring Landscape with Village Album leaf 1997.29.1F
Fenghan Gao Wintry Landscape with Fisherman Album leaf 1997.29.1E
Fenghan Gao Stone Cliff at the Pond of Heaven Album leaf 1997.29.1D
Fenghan Gao Pines on Peaks above the Clouds Album leaf 1997.29.1C
Fenghan Gao An Old Studio Shaded by Pawlonia Trees Album leaf 1997.29.1B
Fenghan Gao Pine and Rock Album leaf 1997.29.1A
Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Baciccio) Death of Adonis Painting 1966.2
  German Saint Anne, Mary, and the Christ Child (Anna Selbdritt) Sculpture 1942.52
Alberto Giacometti Figure Painting 1964.25
Giovanni Pietro
Giampietrino Cleopatra Painting 1961.81
Sam Gilliam Shift Watercolor 2001.27.1
Sam Gilliam Parallel Painting 2001.27.2
Nan Goldin Self-Portrait after being battered Photograph 1993.4.1
Leon Golub Head (XV) Painting 1987.40
Arshile Gorky The Plough and the Song Painting 1952.16
Arshile Gorky Study for "The Plough and the Song" Drawing 1952.1
Adolph Gottlieb The Rape of Persephone Painting 1991.41.2
Jan van Goyen Landscape with Dunes Painting 1941.76
Renee Green Sa Main Charmante Mixed media; installation 1991.12A-F
Red, Mimi Gross; Ruckus Construction Company Grooms; Gross; et al Token Booth with Nude Commuters Sculpture 1983.15A-J
(Giovanni Francesco Barbieri) Guercino The Enraged Mars Restrained by Cupid Drawing 1958.154
Hans Haacke The Right to Life Silkscreen; photograph 1983.116
William Michael Harnett Meerschaum Pipe Painting 1945.31
Marsden Hartley Self-Portrait as a Draughtsman Drawing 1945.45
Eva Hesse Laocoön Sculpture 1970.32
Eva Hesse Untitled Drawing 1994.33
Meindert Hobbema A Pond in the Forest Painting 1944.52
William Hogarth Portrait of Theodore Jacobson Painting 1942.127
Teisai Hokuba New Year's Pine Tree Festival Painting; hanging scroll 1912.14
Jenny; Peter Nadin Holzer Untitled, from the Living Series Sculpture 1982.100
  Howling Wolf

2. Howling Wolf & Feathered Bear Are Courting Two Girls at the Spring Where They Were Getting Water; 1. [blank page]; [unnumbered page] Frontispiece; [unnumbered page].

Drawing 1904.1180.1
  Howling Wolf

10. "Tall Bull, Cheyenne"; 9. [blank page]; 15. [blank page]; 16. "Sitting Bull."

Drawing 1904.1180.2
  Howling Wolf

20. Pawnees; 19. [blank page]; 5. [blank page]; 6. Howling Wolf and Another Warrior.

Drawing 1904.1180.4
  Howling Wolf

22. "Pawnees"; 21. [blank page]; 3. [blank page]; 4. "At the Sand Creek Massacre."

Drawing 1904.1180.5
  Howling Wolf

38. Howling Wolf Fighting Soldiers; 37. [blank page]; 35. [blank page]; 36. Howling Wolf Killing Soldier.

Drawing 1904.1180.8
  Howling Wolf 42. "Fight Near Ft. Wallace"; 41. [blank page]; 31. [blank page]; 32. Howling Wolf Fighting Soldier. Drawing 1904.1180.9
  Howling Wolf 56. The warriors making their grand entry into the Medicine Lodge before beginning the dance. They fire first at the image hanging from the center pole. One band has just arrived and another is approaching the Lodge.; 55. [blank page]; 65. [blank page]; 66. "Howling Wolf, Big Wolf, Returning from a Raid to Old Mexico across the Staked Plains with a Herd of Stock Captured." Drawing 1904.1180.13
  Howling Wolf 57. "The warriors making their grand entry into the Medicine Lodge before beginning the dance. They fire first at the image hanging from the center pole. One band has just arrived and another is approaching the Lodge."; 58. Two Horses; 63. [blank page]; 64. "Big Wolf." Drawing 1904.1180.14
  Howling Wolf 70. "Pawnees, Heap of Birds"; 69. [blank page]; 51. [blank page]; 52. "Warriors Dance War Dance." Drawing 1904.1180.17
  Howling Wolf 92. A Battle Between the Crow and Cheyenne Tribes; 91. [blank page]; 77. Soldier Following Horse Tracks; 78. "Arkansas River." Drawing 1904.1180.21
  Howling Wolf 110. "Crow Spits Blood"; 109. [blank page]; 107. [blank page]; 108. Warrior Killing Two Women. Drawing 1904.1180.24
  Howling Wolf 118. "Eagle Feather"; 117. [blank page]; 99. [blank page]; 100. "Howling Wolf." Drawing 1904.1180.28
  Howling Wolf Endpiece. "Howling Wolf" Hunting Buffalo; [unnumbered blank page]; 119. [blank page]; 120. Two Warriors Facing Each Other. Drawing 1904.1180.29
Binhong Huang Landscape at Madangshan Hanging scroll 1994.10
William Holman Hunt Setting Sun in an Estuary Landscape Drawing 1974.57
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres Portrait of Madame Thiers Drawing 1948.27
Robert Irwin Untitled Installation 1981.12
  Italian Folio from a Choral Book: The Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence Manuscript 1943.11
  Italian (Florentine) Painted Crucifix Painting 1942.129
  Italian (Florentine); Circle of Andrea del Verrocchio Madonna and Child Sculpture 1944.167
  Italian (Umbrian) Saint Sebastian Sculpture 1961.77


Alfredo Jaar Untitled Laminated Duratrans transparency 1991.35.4
Charles Emile Jacque Sheep at the Entrance to a Forest Painting 1944.56
  Japanese Coiling Dragon Sculpture 1904.723
  Japanese Document Box with Tray Lacquer ware 1954.89
Alexej von Jawlensky Head of a Woman Painting 1955.23
Jasper Johns Target Drawing 1968.31
Rashid Johnson Jonathan with Hands Photograph 2001.14
Rashid Johnson Jonathan Photograph 2001.15
Jacob Jordaens An Oracle (Thetis and Achilles Before the Oracle) Painting 1964.35
Donald Judd Untitled Sculpture 1977.21
John Frederick Kensett The Temple of Neptune, Paestum Painting 1904.432
John Frederick Kensett Mt. Mansfield from Malletts Bay, Lake Champlain Painting 1955.54
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Self-Portrait as a Soldier Painting 1950.29
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Standing Female Nude Sculpture 1955.29
Paul Klee The Kettledrum Organ (Die Paukenorgel) Painting 1944.21
Gustav Klimt Portrait of a Lady Drawing 1958.157
Franz Josef Kline Untitled Drawing 1998.7.5
Oskar Kokoschka Portrait of Olda Kokoschka Drawing 1955.10
Oskar Kokoschka Sposalizio (Double Portrait) Painting 1958.51
Kathe Kollwitz Self-Portrait with Hand of Death Drawing 1944.169
Philips Koninck The Raising of Tabitha Drawing 1943.248
Joseph Kosuth White and Black Photostat 1974.39A-B
Leon Kroll Still Life with Lemon Tree Painting 1942.25
Yayoi Kusama Baby Carriage Sculpture 1974.78
Raoul Francois Larche The Dancer Loie Fuller Sculpture 1962.33
Sir Thomas Lawrence Portrait of Eleanor, Lady Wigram Painting 1986.17
Mingwei Lee Untitled #3 (Gordon Fall) Photograph 2000.18
Fernand Léger Untitled Lithograph 1995.17.3
Sol LeWitt 49 Three-Part Variations on Three Different Kinds of Cubes Sculpture 1972.77
Liufang Li Gazing at Snow along the Riverbank    
Roy Lichtenstein Craig Painting 1979.47
Jacopo Ligozzi Portable Altar in a Carrying Case (Christ on the Mount of Olives) Painting 1958.1
Filippino Lippi Lamentation of Christ at the Tomb Drawing 1954.64
Hung Liu Ma Painting 1999.8
Morris Louis Feh Painting 1969.56
Zhi Lu Autumnal Landscape Painting; fan 1962.44
Alessandro Magnasco Landscape with Washerwomen Painting 1943.238
Xiang Mao Waiting for the Moon at Six Bridges Painting; handscroll 1970.39
  Mariotto di Nardo Adoration of the Magi Painting 1943.118
Agnes Martin East River Painting 1972.50
John Martin Cadmus and the Dragon Painting 1976.42
Okumura Masanobu Courtesan Striking a Shuttlecock with a Battledore Woodblock print 1950.202
  Master of the Sterzing Altarpiece Saint Mary Magdalene Painting 1941.75
Henri Matisse Young Girl Seated (La Biche) Painting 1959.120
Henri Matisse Reclining Nude (Nu allonge) Drawing 1962.43
Anton Mauve Snow Storm Painting 1966.17
Paul Kirtland Mays Harvesters (Bucks County, Pennsylvania) Painting 1938.5
Robert Melee Me and Mommy Drinking II Photograph 2000.17
Ana Mendieta Untitled Drawing 1995.20
Herri Met de Bles Landscape with the Conversion of Saul on the Road to Damascus Painting 1995.13
Ray Metzker 1964 MX-A Photograph 1991.1
Joan Miró The Spokesman of the Birds Plunges into the Night Painting 1958.178
Joan Miró Women, Bird, and Snake in Front of the Sun (Femmes et oisseau et serpent devant le soleil) Painting 1962.42
Joan Mitchell Café Painting 1996.20
Amedeo Modigliani Nude with Coral Necklace Painting 1955.59
Pier Francesco Mola Mercury Putting Argus to Sleep Painting 1961.85
Joos de Momper Mountainous Landscape Painting 1948.321
Piet Mondrian Brabant Farmyard Painting 1967.47
Claude Monet Garden of the Princess, Louvre (Le Jardin de l'Infante) Painting 1948.296
Claude Monet Wisteria (Glycines) Painting 1960.5
Henry Moore Reclining Figure, No. 1 Sculpture 1956.18
Thomas Moran The Grand Canyon Painting 1981.41
Robert Morris Untitled Sculpture 1969.49
Robert Morris Untitled Sculpture 1975.45
Edvard Munch The Sin (Nude) Print 1957.18
Elizabeth Murray Switchback Painting 1999.1
Attributed to Kano Naonobu (Shoei) Naonobu Ascending Dragon Painting; hanging scroll 1975.63A
Attributed to Kano Naonobu (Shoei) Naonobu Descending Dragon Painting; hanging scroll 1975.63B
Alice Neel Portrait of Ellen Johnson Painting 1977.39
  Neri di Bicci Altar Wing with Five Saints Painting 1961.78
Barnett Newman Onement IV Painting 1969.35
Giovanni Francesco Bezzi, called Nosadella The Presentation in the Temple Painting 1982.108
Claes Oldenburg Giant Three-Way Plug Sculpture 1970.38
Claes Oldenburg An Alternate Proposal for the AMAM, Oberlin, Ohio Drawing 1980.28
Claes Oldenburg Soft Toaster Sculpture 1998.7.99
Jose Clemente Orozco Mexican House Painting 1943.273
Jean-Baptiste Oudry A Young Rabbit and Partridge Hung by the Feet Painting 1982.47
  Pallme-Koenig and Habel Aurene-type Vase with Applied Decoration Vase 1960.12
Giovanni Paolo Panini Roman Ruins with the Arch of Titus Painting 1969.20
Pierre-Antoine Patel Landscape with Classical Ruins and Figures Painting 2002.8
Jean-Baptiste Pater Fête Champêtre Painting 1980.83
Bonaventura Peeters The Harbor at Vlissingen Painting 1989.9
  Peruvian (North Coast, Moche culture) Portrait Jar Depicting a Blind Man Sculpture 1973.33
Attributed to Baldassare Peruzzi The Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine Painting 1944.51
Pablo Picasso Woman in a Peplos Drawing 1944.24
Pablo Picasso Glass of Absinthe (Le Verre d'absinthe) Painting 1947.36
Pablo Picasso Women and Child by the Sea Drawing 1955.31
Pablo Picasso Head of a Woman (Fernande Olivier) Sculpture 1955.35
Horace Pippin Harmonizing Painting 1964.26
Domenico Poggini Gladiator Drawing his Sword Sculpture 1953.236
Maurice Prendergast Bathing Tents, St. Malo Painting 1981.9
Maurice Prendergast Le Port, St. Malo, Brittany Drawing 1981.49
Bartholome Prieur Seated Nude Cutting Her Toe Nails Sculpture 1954.22
Jin (Pu Xuezhai) Pu Emaciated Horse Painting; hanging scroll 1994.2
Man Ray Bird from Nowhere (Oiseau de nullepart) Painting 1963.25
Copy after Chôun Reihô Reihô Orchid, Bramble, Bamboo, and Rock Painting; hanging scroll 1957.12
Ad Reinhardt Abstract Painting Painting 1967.26
  Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn The Hundred Guilder Print (Christ Preaching) Etching 1944.64
  Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Saint Francis Beneath a Tree Praying Etching; drypoint 1952.31
  Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn Landscape with Three Gabled Cottages beside a Road Etching; drypoint 1967.44
Jusepe de Ribera Blind Old Beggar Painting 1955.9
Gerhard Richter 718-9 Abstract Painting Painting 1991.25
  Roman; after Skopas of Paros Torso from reduced copy of the so-called Pothos Sculpture 1941.43
  Roman Decorative Bust of a Silenus Sculpture 1988.24
Dante-Gabriel Rossetti Jane Morris Standing, in Marquee   2000.14
Mark Rothko Untitled Painting 1982.114
Mark Rothko The Syrian Bull Painting 1991.41.1
Georges Rouault Nocturne (Gethsemane) Painting 1941.48
Theodore Rousseau Landscape Study ("La Source") Painting 1966.7
Peter Paul Rubens Head of an Old Man Drawing 1943.229
Peter Paul Rubens The Finding of Erichthonius Painting 1944.96
Alan Saret Sun Register Sculpture 1968.30
Egon Schiele Girl with Black Hair Drawing 1958.41
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Summer Chrysanthemums Drawing 1942.53
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff Footpath (Parkweg) Painting 1964.38
Kurt Schwitters Grey and Yellow Collage 1955.6
Hercules Segers The Enclosed Valley (Der Talkessel) Etching 1958.152
Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac St. Tropez, les gros arbres Drawing 1991.39
Richard Serra Two Cuts Sculpture 1974.40
Andres Serrano Untitled VII (Ejaculate in Trajectory) Photograph 1989.10
  Setsugai Blossoming Plum Painting; scroll 1982.72
Peter Shelton Bulgebone Sculpture 1993.23
Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #53 (Blonde: Close-Up with Lamp) Photograph 1984.18
Everett Shinn Connecticut Bridge Drawing 1956.79
David Smith Untitled Drawing 1993.20
Kiki Smith Untitled IV (Shield) Sculpture 1991.8
Robert Smithson Slant Piece Sculpture 1980.22
Attributed to Oguri Sôtan Landscape with Buildings Painting; hanging scroll 1956.41
Raphael Soyer Kneeling Nude Drawing 1993.14
  Spanish The Fountain of Life Painting 1952.13
Jan Steen Merry Company Painting 1957.14
Frank Stella Agbatana III Painting 1968.37
Alfred Stieglitz A Bit of Venice Photograph 1981.42.3
Vrancke van der Stockt Kneeling Donor with Saint John the Baptist Painting 1942.128
Michiel Sweerts Self-Portrait Painting 1941.77
David Teniers the Younger Saints Anthony and Paul in a Landscape Painting 1973.9
Hendrick ter Brugghen Saint Sebastian Tended by Irene Painting 1953.256
Masami Teraoka AIDS Series/Hanging Rock Watercolor 1999.12
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo Punchinello with the Ostriches Drawing 1955.7
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Mlle. Lender en buste Print 1955.21
Joseph Mallord William Turner View of Venice: The Ducal Palace, Dogana, and Part of San Giorgio Painting 1944.54
Richard Tuttle Water Painting 1992.8
John Henry Twachtman Seascape Painting 1916.2
Suzanne Valadon Women Bathing (Femmes s'essuyant, or Les Baigneuses) Etching 1992.1
Esaias van de Velde Summer Landscape (The Road to Emmaus) Painting 1958.42
Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne Allegory of Poverty ('t Sijn ellendige beenen die Armoe moete[n] draege[n]) Painting 1960.94
David Vinckboons Landscape with the Baptism of the Eunuch Drawing 1950.124
Guangyi Wang Chanel Painting 2001.20
Jian Wang Landscape in the Manner of Zhao Mengfu Painting; hanging scroll 1997.29.9
Andy Warhol Brillo Boxes Sculpture 1980.106.1-2
Andy Warhol Jackie Painting 1998.7.144
Carleton Watkins Yosemite Valley: Vernal and Nevada Falls from Glacier Point Photograph 1994.20
Adriaen van der Werff; completed by Henrik van Limborch Werff Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph Painting 1963.30
Benjamin West General Thaddeus Kosciusko Painting 1946.46
Benjamin West Jacob Blessing Ephraim and Manasseh Painting 1961.70
James Abbott McNeill Whistler Little Venice Etching 1944.81
Charles Wilbert White Micah Linoleum cut 2001.12
Jackie Winsor Four Corners Sculpture 1973.87
Franz Xaver Winterhalter Grand Duchess Sophie of Baden with her Son Drawing 1965.22
Emanuel de Witte Interior of the Old Church at Delft Painting 1943.279
David Wojnarowicz Untitled (Burning Man) Painting 1998.14
Joseph Wright of Derby Dovedale by Moonlight Painting 1951.30
Yuncong Xiao Landscape in the Manner of Huang Gongwang Painting; handscroll 1973.74
Jiang Yuan The Hall of Green Wilderness Hanging scroll 1997.29.13
Hong Zhang Village Schoolroom Painting; album leaf 1997.29.14E
Federico Zuccaro The Lord Creating the Sun and Moon Drawing 1947.2