Education: Teacher and Family Resources

Besides browsing our extensive Artist Index of collection images and essays, teachers can access online educational materials, and resources for planning a visit.

Family Self Guides
Our 2014-15 Family Self-Guides are available for download, and feature six new guides created in connection with that year's Latin American and Latino Art at the Allen exhibition. Topics include Geography, Indigenous Cultures, U.S. artists of Latin American Descent, Fertility / Decay, and Latin American Art for Kids. The guides will suggest different ways to talk, look, imagine, draw, and think about concepts addressed in the exhibition.

PDF versions of previous self-guides are also available on these topics: Patterns, Textiles, Tools, Landscapes, Food, Music, Health and Wellness, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Dragons, Mustaches, and Saints.

Gallery Flip Booklets
These special extended labels were written to connect works throughout the AMAM galleries to the theme of our 2013-14 exhibitions "Realism." Eleven works are featured in this booklet, which was available in the AMAM galleries, and can be downloaded by clicking here.

The 2012-13 theme explored "Religion, Ritual and Performance" - that booklet can be downloaded here.

Classroom Resource Sheets

Made possible in part by a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, these resources link twenty works from the AMAM's renowned permanent collection to the Ohio Academic Content Standards (note: these resources were created in 2008) and Curriculum Connections for the classroom. Each resource sheet also gives background information on each work in the areas of visual analysis, artist biography, cultural and historic importance, and function/form and style. Click here to view the available resource sheets.

Architecture Resources
AMAM Cass Gilbert Building, 1917
AMAM Robert Venturi Building, 1977
AMAM Frank Lloyd Wright House, 1947-9

Arts of Asia in Reach
In August 2002, the Allen Memorial Art Museum received a $150,834 grant through the Asian Art/Educational Outreach Funding Initiative of The Freeman Foundation. This grant has enabled the museum to develop Asian art educational programming for public school children and teachers in grades K-12. Click here to visit the Arts of Asia webpage.

Exhibition Resource Packets
These resource packets were made especially for use by K-12 educators, and relate to current
exhibitions on display at the AMAM. They contain background information on the show, with a focus
on several works in each exhibition that can be included on guided tours of the AMAM galleries. Each
packet also contains web site links to online resource related to each show, ideas for curriculum connections, and the Ohio Academic Content Standards met by the study of each show.

"Starry Dome: Astronomy in Art and the Imagination"
"Engaging Spirits, Empowering Man: Sculpture of Central and West Africa"
"Religion, Ritual and Performance in the Renaissance

Programming for Children
The Education Office at the Allen Memorial Art Museum goes to great lengths to provide children in our schools with the same quality of learning and exposure to the permanent collection that is extended to the college's faculty, staff and students. The museum offers a variety of programs, tours, and classroom based visits for local and regional school children. For more information on public programming for children, please see Community Programs.

Contact the Education Office at