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"To go to class by way of a museum filled with distinguished works of art is a privilege never to be slighted—
and never to be taken for granted."

                                    —Professor Wolfgang Stechow, 1959

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Primarily a teaching institution, the Allen Memorial Art Museum believes the study of original works of art is an indispensable part of a liberal arts education. The museum's comprehensive holdings chronicle the history of art in a variety of cultures, presenting an exceptional resource for teaching, learning, and research.

We are committed to developing interdisciplinary programs that support the Oberlin College curriculum across both the Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Music. By cultivating dynamic partnerships with the scholarly community at Oberlin and beyond, the AMAM Academic Programs Office enables faculty and students to use the museum in new and innovative ways.

Whether through museum-based courses, the student docent program, Print Study Room visits, or Art Rental, we invite you to explore the connections between your own research or teaching and the AMAM collection.

Download the AMAM's general Academic Programs brochure which provides detailed guidelines for and examples of teaching with art across disciplines.

Download the AMAM's brochure on teaching and learning with original works of art in the science curriculum.

Download the AMAM's Policy for the Use of the Wolfgang Stechow Print Study Room.

Download the AMAM's Policy for Works Brought in from Other Campus Collections.

Visiting the Museum with your class

The Office of Academic Programs offers visits to see works on
view in the galleries, as well as visits to the Wolfgang Stechow Print Study Room to look at prints, paintings, or small art objects not currently on display. Print Study Room visits are comparable to a lab session in the sciences: a private setting where faculty and students can closely examine and discuss works. Curatorial staff
and student assistants often help with the development and leading of class visits.
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Explore ways in which courses from across the College and Conservatory have used original works of art.

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