Collection Areas

The collection of ancient art includes works of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean. Additionally, the collection includes a number of objects from the Ancient Americas.
Dating from the fifteenth to the mid-twentieth century, primarily from West and Central Africa, the African collection includes several extraordinary works in a variety of media.

The Allen Memorial Art Museum’s Asian collection is perhaps best known for its more than 1700 Japanese woodblock prints. The collection also includes a number of fine Chinese, Japanese and Korean paintings and decorative arts, spanning the centuries from ancient to contemporary, as well as an outstanding collection of carpets.
Italian Renaissance & Baroque
The Italian Renaissance and Baroque art collection, which comprises important paintings, sculptures and drawings, is particularly strong and benefited from the donations from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

Dutch and Flemish
There is an extensive collection of 16th and 17th century Netherlandish, Dutch and Flemish art at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, including outstanding landscapes, portraits, history paintings, scenes of daily life, and etchings by Rembrandt.
Modern Landscape
Views of cities, the countryside, and nature, both familiar and faraway, became increasingly important in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century European and American painting. Such paintings, widely represented in the collection, depict a broad range of subject matter.

Expressionist artists of the early twentieth century strove to give the human figures and pictorial space in their works as much emotive form and content as possible.
Art Since 1945
The extraordinarily broad collection of art made since 1945 represents all the major postwar practices, including abstract expressionism, minimalism, pop, and conceptual art, as well as contemporary art in a wide variety of media.

František Kupka Holdings
Czech artist František Kupka is one of the most important Czech painters of the early 20th century. This important donation to the AMAM collection by alumus Frederic L. Pryor (Oberlin '55) covers almost all of Kupka's career.
Eva Hesse Archives
This archive of over 1300 items contains the artist's notebooks, diaries, sketchbooks, photographs, and letters to the AMAM, and were donated by the artist's sister, Helen Hesse Charash.