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November-December, 1947
Volume IV, No. 3
Exhibition of Drawings by The Swedish Painter Ernst Josephson

Selected Contents:
Exhibition of Drawings by The Swedish Painter Ernst Josephson From The Collection of Dr. Sten Lineberg, of Stockholm

January, 1948
Volume V, No. 1
A Loan Exhibition of Dutch and Flemish Paintings

Selected Contents:
A Loan Exhibition of Dutch and Flemish Paintings, The Collection of the Late Adolf Mayer

December, 1948
Volume V, No. 2
Acquisitions 1947-1948

Selected Contents:
Selected Acquisitions of European Art 1947-1948

February, 1949
Volume VI, No. 1
Oriental Acquisitions 1947- 1948

Selected Contents:
Oriental Acquisitions 1947- 1948

May, 1949
Volume VI, No. 2
The Helen Ward Memorial Room and An Exhibition of Costumes and Textiles from the Museum Collections

Selected Contents:
The Helen Ward Memorial Room and An Exhibition of Costumes and Textiles from the Museum Collections

Fall 1949
Volume VII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
“The Viaduct at L’Estaque” of Paul Cézanne by Ellen Johnson
Dr. Ludlow’s Gift of Korean Art
Picasso’s Drawing, “Woman with a Fan”

Winter 1949-50
Volume VII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Two Romanesque Statues from Poitu by Wolfgang Stechow
A Unique Sumerian Royal(?) Personage by Edward Capps, Jr.
Epstein’s Bronze Mask, Marchesa Casati by Louise Richards


Spring 1950
Volume VII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
The Mary A. Ainsworth Bequest of Japanese Prints and Books
Notes on a Spanish Silver Baldachin by Charles P. Parkhurst

Fall 1950
Volume VIII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Joos de Momper’s Mountain Landscape by Frances McPherson Burkam

Winter 1951
Volume VIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Problem of Quality in Old Master Drawings by Jakob Rosenberg
Exhibition of Master Drawings of the Eighteenth Century in France and Italy

Spring 1951
Volume VIII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Notes on the Master of the Sterzing Altarpiece by Wolfgang Stechow
Painters Choice: Three Young Americans

Fall 1951
Volume IX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Note on a Coptic Relief by Edward Capps, Jr.
A Partial Reconstruction of a Predella by Mariotto di Nardo by Marvin J. Eisenberg
Notes on a Still Life by Chardin by Kurt Martin

Winter 1952
Volume IX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Exhibition of Italian Paintings of the Seventeenth Century
A Self-Portrait by Michael Sweerts by Wolfgang Stechow

Spring 1952
Volume IX, No. 3

Selected Contents:
A Fragonard Drawing by Ellen Johnson
A Portrait of General Kosciusko by Benjamin West by Chloe Hamilton
Preliminary Notes on Three Early Limoges Enamels at Oberlin by Charles Parkhurst
Robert Motherwell

Volume IX, Supplement

Selected Contents:
Exhibition Honoring Hazel Barker King

Winter 1953
Volume X, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Small Museum by Clarence Ward
Exhibition of Paintings from College and University Collections

Spring 1953
Volume X, No. 3

Selected Contents:
A Marble Head of Athena from Salonika by Edward Capps, Jr.
Some Notes on Contemporary Printmaking Techniques by Paul B. Arnold

Fall 1953
Volume XI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Rubens’ Daughters of Cecrops by Ludwig Burchard
Ohio Sesquicentennial Exhibition

Spring 1954
Volume XI, No. 3

Selected Contents:
An Early Japanese Buddha by Wallace S. Baldinger
Paul Klee by Robert Reiff
Terbrugghen’s ‘St. Sebastian’ by Wolfgang Stechow

Fall 1954
Volume XII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Arshile Gorky’s “The Plough and the Song” by William C. Seitz
A Landscape by Wright of Derby by Chloe Hamilton
A Landscape by Paul Bril

Winter 1955
Volume XII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Ghiberti-Architetto by Richard Krautheimer
Exhibition of Architecture in Early Renaissance Pictures

Winter 1955-56 (Out of Stock )
Volume XIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Study of African Art by William Fagg
Exhibition of African Art

Spring 1956
Volume XIII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
A Cypriote Necklace by Erik Sjöqvist
Note on the Date of Catskill Lake by Thomas Cole, N. A. by David B. Lawall

Spring 1957
Volume XIV, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Kirchner’s "Self-Portrait as a Soldier" in Relation to Earlier Self-Portraits by Peter Selz
Notes on Some African Sculptures by William Fagg
Three Young Americans

Fall 1957
Volume XV, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Berckheyde’s “Bakery Shop” by Wolfgang Stechow
Recent Gifts: An Italian Velvet and a Feininger Watercolor by Chloe Hamilton
An Institute on Administration and Services in the Smaller Art Museum by Chloe Hamilton

Spring 1958
Volume XV, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Jan Steen’s "Merry Company" by Wolfgang Stechow
The Fine Arts in Oberlin, 1836-1918 by Laurine Mack Bongiorno

Fall 1958
Volume XVI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
A Puzzling Picture at Oberlin: "The Fountain of Life" by Josua Bruyn
Diebenkorn’s "Woman by a Large Window" by Ellen Johnson

Winter 1959
Volume XIV, No. 2

Selected Contents:
In Memorial R.T. Miller, Jr., 1867-1958 by
Donald M. Love
Hazel B. King
Clarence Ward
Charles Parkhurst
Wolfgang Stechow
Catalogue of Miller Fund Acquisitions by Chloe Hamilton

Spring 1959
Volume XVI, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Selected Illustrations from the Miller Fund Acquisitions

Fall 1959
Volume XVII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Oberlin’s Head of an Isis Priest of the Second Century A.D. by Cornelius C. Vermeule III
Three Young Americans


Spring 1960
Volume XVII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Cypriote Pottery in the Allen Memorial Art Museum by Paul Åström
An Exhibition of Netherlandish Book Illumination

Winter 1962
Volume XIX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
A Late Egyptian Book of the Dead by John A. Wilson
A French Provincial Coffeepot by Chloe Hamilton
Neri di Bicci: A Correction by Wolfgang Stechow
The Art of Melanesia
An Exhibition, March 8-30

Spring 1962
Volume XIX, No. 3

Selected Contents:
The “Triumph of David” by Hans Speeckaert by Wolfgang Stechow
A Fifteenth-Century Stucco and the Style of Verrocchio by Laurine Mack Bongiorno
Report on Technical Examination by Richard D. Buck
Seventeenth-Century One-Block Woodcuts
An Exhibition, April 18-May 9

Fall 1962
Volume XX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
The Oberlin Orchid: A Problem in Attribution by Chu-tsing Li
A Consular Medallion of Constantine VI and Irene by Marvin C. Ross

Winter 1963
Volume XX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
A Portable Altar by Ligozzi by Mina Bacci
Is Beauty Dead? by Ellen H. Johnson
Three Young Americans

Spring 1963
Volume XX, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Wolfgang Stechow: Bibliography
Youthful Works by Great Artists: A Symposium
Introduction by John R. Spencer
The Young Luca della Robbia by Charles Seymour, Jr.
The Young Rembrandt by Seymour Sliver
The Young Raphael by Rudolf Wittkower
Youthful Works by Great Artists: An Exhibition

Fall 1963
Volume XXI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
A Portrait by Jacob Esselens by Wolfgang Stechow
Cézanne and a Pine Tree by Ellen H. Johnson
Viaduct at L ’Estaque: A Footnote by Ellen H. Johnson
Christina of Denmark by Michael Coxie by Patricia Rose

Spring 1964
Volume XXI, No. 3

Selected Contents:
“Sigismundus hic ego sum…” by John R. Spencer
A Nymphenburg Porcelain Grotto by Chloe H. Young
Some Longobard Insignia by Marvin C. Ross

Winter 1964
Volume XXI, No. 2

Selected Contents:
To Clarence Ward on his Eightieth Birthday
Oberlin Friends of Art: 25th Anniversary

Fall 1964
Volume XXII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Italianate Dutch Artists in the Allen Art Museum by Wolfgang Stechow
The Prodigal Son: Some New Aspects of Rodin’s Sculpture by Athena Tacha

Winter 1965
Volume XXII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
A Note on Natural History as Viewed by the Painter of a Corinthian Jug by Edward Caps, Jr.
Jacob Blessing the Sons of Joseph, by Adriaen van der Werff by Wolfgang Stechow
Adriaen van der Werff and Prussian Blue by Richard D. Buck

Spring 1965
Volume XXII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Three Young Americans: Hinman, Poons, and Williams by Ellen H. Johnson
A Drawing from the Circle of Claude Gillot by Chloe H. Young
La Perruque de Chapelain by Vinio Rossi

Fall 1965
Volume XXIII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
A Modello by Jacob Jordaens by Wolfgang Stechow
Arte Programmata by Athena Tacha Spear
Apropos of Jim Dine by Lawrence Alloway

Winter 1966
Volume XXIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Queen Nawidemak by M. F. Laming Macadam
Madame Thiers and her Portrait by Ingres by Hans Naef

Spring 1966
Volume XXIII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Baciccio’s Pendant Paintings of Venus and Adonis by Richard E. Spear
A Fifteenth-Century Book of Hours Illuminated in Flanders by Herbert Leon Kessler
A Russian Icon of the Nativity by Sirarpie Der Nersessian

Fall 1966
Volume XXIV, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Monet’s Views of Paris by Joel Isaacson
The Lament at the Tomb by Filippino Lippi by John R. Spencer
An Early Christian Rock Crystal Intaglio by Victor H. Elbern
As We Were - 1917

Winter 1967
Volume XXIV, No. 2

Selected Contents:
An Exhibition of Paintings, Bozzetti and Drawings by Baciccio
January 16 to February 13, 1967
Introduction to the Paintings by Ellis Waterhouse
Introduction to the Drawings by H. Lester Cooke

Spring 1967
Volume XXIV, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Ingres and his Circle, an Exhibition of Drawings
Introduction to the Exhibition by Chloe H. Young
Ingres and his Friends by Agnes Mongan

Fall 1967
Volume XXV, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Seventeen Great Prints: A Gift of the Max Kade Foundation by Wolfgang Stechow
Two Silks from Lyons in the Allen Art Museum by Jenny Schneider
Three Works by Jacob Epstein by Wolfgang Stechow

Winter 1968
Volume XXV, No. 2

Selected Contents:
A Problematic Siamese Stucco Head by Athena T. Spear
Crete, Venice, the “Madonneri” and a Creto-Venetian Icon in the Allen Art Museum by Thalia Gouma Peterson

Spring 1968
Volume XXV, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Three Young Americans: Krueger, Nauman, Saret by Ellen H. Johnson and Athena T. Spear
A Red-figured Eye-cup by Epiktetos and Pamphaios by Alix Mac Sweeney
A Madonna Panel from the Circle of the Early Duccio by Bruce Cole

Fall 1968
Volume XXVI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
The Bissett Collection by John Spencer
Dutch Drawings of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in the Allen Art Museum by Wolfgang Stechow
Four American Acquisitions by Ellen H. Johnson

Winter 1969
Volume XXVI, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Observations on the Tapestry Designs of J.-B. Oudry for Beauvais (1726-1736) by H. N. Opperman
A Hittite Mother and Child Statuette by John D. Cooney

Spring 1969
Volume XXVI, No. 3

Selected Contents:
A “Landscape with Flight into Egypt” by Domenichino by Richard E. Spear
Note on Laboratory Examination by Richard D. Buck
An Early Drawing by Jean-Baptiste Huet by Chloe H. Young

Fall 1969
Volume XXVII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Two Bronze Paquettes by Moderno by John R. Spencer
A Wall Paneling by Jan Weenix by Wolfgang Stechow
A Note on Rodin’s Prodigal Son and on the Relationship of Rodin’s Marbles and Bronzes by Athena T. Spear

Spring 1970
Volume XXVII, No. 3

Selected Contents:
Reflections on the Work of Charles Close , Ron Cooper, Neil Jenney and Other Contemporary Art by Athena T. Spear
Three Young Americans: Catalogue
Art in the Mind


Fall 1970
Volume XXVIII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
“Christ on the Mount of Olives” by Giuseppe Cesari by Herwarth Röttgen
Some French Nineteenth Century Drawings in the Allen Art Museum by Wolfgang Stechow

Winter 1971
Volume XXVIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Enduring Charm of Indian Paintings by Pratapaditya Pal
Indian Art from the Paul Walter Collections: Catalogue by Pratapaditya Pal
Some Rajasthani Sculptures of the Gupta Period by Pratapaditya Pal

Fall 1971
Volume XXIX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
A Color Theory from Prague: Anselm de Boodt, 1609 by Charles Parkhurst
The Survival of Byzantinism in 18th Century Greek Painting by Thalia Gouma Peterson
An Attic Amphora of the Late Century B. C. by Michael L. Katzev

Winter 1972
Volume XXIX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Picasso’s Drawing, Woman with a Fan: The Role of Degas in Picasso’s Transition to his “First Classical Period” by Norma F. Broude
A Frank Lloyd Wright House in Oberlin by Kenneth W. Severens
Drawings by Thomas Wijck by James D. Burke

Spring 1972
Volume XXIX, No. 3
The Epstein Collection, Exhibited April 28-May 31, 1972

Selected Contents:
Edvard Munch and the Clarification of Life by Reinhold Heller
Cataloguer’s Note by Jane Van Nimmen

Fall 1972
Volume XXX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Pompeo Batoni’s Portrait of John Wodehouse by Anthony M. Clark
The Dating of Creto-Venetian Icons: A Reconsideration in Light of New Evidence by Thalia Gouma Peterson
A Sheet of Figure Studies at Oberlin and Other Drawings by Daniele da Volterra by Paul Barolsky

Winter 1973
Volume XXX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Clarence Ward 1884-1973
A Late 15th Century Flemish Panel Attributed to Vrancke van de Stockt by Craig Harbison
Jacopo da Empoli’s "St. Ivo with Widows and Orphans" by Richard E. Spear
A Genre Painting by Brekelenkam by Wolfgang Stechow

Spring 1973
Volume XXX, No. 3
Festival of Contemporary Arts

Selected Contents:
Some Thoughts on Contemporary Art, with Reference to Ann McCoy, Mary Miss, Ree Morton, Jacqueline Winsor, Chris Burden, Scott Burton, and Joan Jonas by Athena T. Spear
Four Young Americans, April 29-May 27
Ann McCoy
Mary Miss
Ree Morton
Jacqueline Winsor

Volume XXXI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Acquisitions: 1972-73 by Richard E. Spear
An Early Landscape by David Teniers by Wolfgang Stechow
The Middle Styles of Elie Nadelman: Drawings and Figure Sculptures ca. 1905-12 by Athena T. Spear

Volume XXXII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Wolfgang Stechow 1896-1974
Acquisitions: 1973-74 by Richard E. Spear
"St. Catherine Disputing with Philosophers", an Early Work by the Master of St. Gudule by Maryan W. Ainsworth
A Landscape Handscroll by Hsiao Yün-ts’ung by Daphne Lange Rosenzweig

Volume XXXII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Four Netherlandish Embroidered Panels by Wolfgang Stechow
Wolfgang Stechow, 1896-1974 by Paul Arnold
Address in Honor of Wolfgang Stechow by Seymour Slive
Wolfgang Stechow Bibliography 1963-1974

Volume XXXIII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Acquisitions: 1974-75 by Richard E. Spear
A Hellenistic Lion-Bull Group in Oberlin by Mary Sturgeon

Volume XXXIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
A Bronze ‘Mercury’ after Giambologna by Katharine J. Watson
The Empty Room by William H. Gerdts
The History of the Term Genre by Wolfgang Stechow and Christopher Comer

Volume XXXIV, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Acquisitions: 1975-76
A Bronze Statuette of Herakles by Mary C. Sturgeon
Lorenzo Sabatini and the Sala Regia by Edmund P. Pillsbury
Benefactors of the Allen Memorial Art Museum by Laurine M. Bongiorno

Volume XXXIV, No. 2

Selected Contents:
Ellen H. Johnson: An Appreciation by Chloe H. Young
Ellen H. Johnson: Bibliography, 1937-1977
Plain and Fancy Architecture by Cass Gilbert at Oberlin and the Addition to the Museum by Venturi and Rauch by Robert Venturi

Volume XXXV, No. 1-2

Selected Contents:
Artists and Old Age: A Symposium by William Hood
The Sculptor’s “Last Will and Testament” by Irving Lavin
Rubens and Old Age by Christopher White
Edgar Degas in Old Age by Jean Sutherland Boggs
Mondrian’s Late Style by Robert Rosenblum

Volume XXXVI, No. 1
Islamic Carpets from the Museum Collection

Selected Contents:
Introduction to the Exhibition by Richard Ettinghausen
Introduction to the Catalogue by Ernest H. Roberts
Definitions and Explanations
Catalogue by Ernest H. Roberts

Volume XXXVII, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Apollonio di Giovanni and Ancient Athens by Paul F. Watson
Ciro Ferri’s Pensiero for the Altarpiece of the Blessed Stanislaus Kostka in Sant’ Andrea al Quirinale by William Hood

Volume XXXVII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Moses of Antoine Coypel by Antoine Schnapper
A New Statuette Replica of the Pothos of Skopas by Erika Simon
Artist and Patron: Frederick Cohen and Bentley Runyan by Marcia Goldberg


Volume XXX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Acquisitions 1978-80 by Chloe H. Young, William Olander, Christine Dyer
Rubens’ “The Finding of Erichthonius”: Examination and Treatment by Sarah Fisher
Horace Vernet and the Death of Marcos Botzaris by Nina M. Athanassoglou
Nine Renaissance Nielli: a Note by Larry Keith

1980-81 (purchased with Volume XXXVIII, Supplement)
Volume XXXVIII, No. 2
Young Americans: Janet Cooling, Hudson, David Salle, Cindy Sherman, David Saunders, and David Wells
Exhibition dates: April 1-May 3, 1981

Selected Contents:
Janet Cooling: Born to Be Alive by Joanna Frueh
David Salle: A Matter of Interrogation by Carter Ratcliff
Cindy Sherman: Making Pictures for the Camera by Douglas Crimp
David Saunders: Nature Redefined by William Olander
David Wells: Gleaning by William Olander
Hudson: An Interview by William Olander

1980-81 (purchased with Volume XXXVIII, No.2)
Volume XXXVIII, Supplement
New Voices I: Cynthia Carlson
Exhibition dates: September 16-October 19,1980

Selected Contents:
Cynthia Carlson’s Insideout Oberlin

Volume XXXIX, No. 1

Selected Contents:
A Lost Decoration by Jacob de Wit by C. Willemijn Fock
An Eighteenth Century Fashion Illustration by Pierre Thomas Le Clerc by Paul Ettesvold
From Window to Wall: Robert Irwin’s “Untitled” by Robert Evren

1981-82 (purchased with Volume XXXIX, Supplement)
Volume XXXIX, No. 2

Selected Contents:
The Antioch Mosaics at Oberlin: Their History and Preservation by Robert Lodge and Gina KcKay
John Martin’s “Cadmus” and Its Sources by Chloe H. Young

1981-82 (purchased with Volume XXXIX, No. 2)
Volume XXXIX, Supplement
New Voices 2: 6 Photographers

Selected Contents:
6 Photographers: Concept/Theater/Fiction
Ellen Brooks
Eileen Cowin
Jimmy De Sana
Richard Prince
Don Rodan
René Santos

Volume XLII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
J.-B. Oudry: Partridge and Young Rabbit Hung by the Feet by Hal Opperman
A New Attribute for an Italian Drawing by Susan E. Wegner

Summer 1988
Volume XLIII, No. 1
“La Rêverie Esthétique”: Symbolism Works on Paper
March 29-May 22, 1988

Selected Contents:
Symbolism and the Romantic Tradition by Larry J. Feinberg
Passionate Discontent: The Creative Process and Gender Difference in the French Symbolism Period by Patricia Matthews

Volume XLIII, No. 2

Selected Contents:
David Saunders in Oberlin by Ellen H. Johnson
Lagrenée the Elder – “mythologie” and “allégorie” by Else Marie Bukdahl


Volume XLIV, No. 1
Social Studies: 4+4 Young Americans
October 26,1990-January 13, 1991

Selected Contents:
Social Studies: 4+4 Young Americans by Elizabeth A. Brown
Willie Cole
Renée Green
Vivienne Koorland
Jeanne Silverthorne
Group Material

Volume XLVI, No. 1

Selected Contents:
Howling Wolf: An Autobiography of Aplains Warrior-Artist by Joyce M. Szabo

Volume XLVII, No. 2
New Voices 94
April 23 – June 19, 1994

Selected Contents:
Synthetic Difference: New Voices 94 by Lucinda Barnes
Sharon Ellis
Hung Liu
Marlene McCarty
Joseph Santarromana
Jennifer Steinkamp

Volume XLIX, No. 1
Frank Lloyd Wright at Oberlin: The Story of the Weltzheimer/Johnson House

Selected Contents:
Frank Lloyd Wright at Oberlin: the Story of the Weltzheimer/Johnson House by Athena Tacha, with Fay Beilis and Amy Brown
A Model Usonian and the Role of a Taliesin Fellow
The Weltzheimers’ Commission
Construction under FLW Apprentice Ted Bower
Furnishings and Landscaping
Living in the House
Ellen H. Johnson’s Ownership and Restoration
Coda: Transfer to Oberlin College
Appendix: A Catalogue of Existing Drawings and Comparison between the Initial and Revised Set of Blueprints
Appendix: An Exchange of Letters on the Taliesin Fellowship between Ted Bower and Frank Lloyd Wright in 1948

Volume L, No. 1
Crossings and Departures: Making Art in Miami
April 4 – May 11, 1997

Selected Contents:
Introduction by Amy Kurlander
José Bedia
Carol K. Brown
Cunsuelo Castañeda
Quisqueya Henriquez
María Martínez-Cañas
Tag Purvis
Karen A. Rifas
Rafael Salazar
César Trasobares
Sandy Winters


Volume LII, No. 2
Changing Visions of the North American Landscape

Selected Contents:
Exhibition Catalogue
Changing Visions of the North American Landscape by Marjorie Wieseman
North American Landscape Project
Contemporary American Landscapes: Interpenetrations of the Virtual and the Physical by Peter Bacon Hales
Mosquitoes and the Changing Landscape of Northern Ohio by Mary Garvin
Ohio by David Young
Learning the Land by Sara Hallberg
Are We There Yet? Landscape in Contemporary American Culture by Stephan Jost
Landscape with Disappearing Poet (Miroslav Holub, 1923-1998) by David Young
Southern California as A Futuristic Landscape by Rian Brown-Orso

Volume LIII

Selected Contents:
The History of the Asian Art Collection at Oberlin by Charles Mason
A Gift of Distinction: New Year’s Pine Tree Festival by Teisai Hokuba by Julie Davis
A Chinese Buddhist Stele: Religious Meanings in Religious Iconography by James C. Dobbins
The Asian Collection and Its Uses in Teaching: Prints and Traditional Japanese Literature by Suzanne Gay