AMAM Classroom Resource Sheets

Thanks to the generous support of the Ohio Arts Council in 2008, the AMAM developed classroom resource sheets based on twenty works from the museum’s permanent art collection. For every work, you will find a visual analysis, background on the work’s function, its cultural and historical importance, an artist biography, and a list of possible vocabulary words. Additionally, each resource sheet lists the Ohio Academic Content Standards and their K-12 Benchmarks met by the study of each work and its related classroom activities. We have also developed ideas for curriculum connections in each of the major subject areas. It is our hope not only that some of these connections might be used in your classroom, but also that they are used as a ‘jumping off point’ for the creative integration of works from our collection into your lesson plans.

This project was inspired by the success of an earlier effort, the “Learning Asian Arts Syllabus,” created as part of a grant from the Freeman Foundation. That syllabus presents lesson plans, linked with state standards, based on works from our fantastic Asian collection (and is available online here).

You can download the entire packet of 20 resource sheets by clicking here.
(Zip file - 3.58 megs)

These resources are available to you in several other ways, as well. Below you will find an index of the available classroom resource sheets listed by curriculum connections and grade level.

Since 2008, additional teacher resources have been developed. Click here for
all the available Teacher Resource Materials

In our ongoing efforts to help better serve the educational community, the AMAM would like your feedback on our new Classroom Resource Sheets. Please download an evaluation form, and return it to the address listed, or send us an email with your thoughts. Thanks!

AMAM Classroom Resource Sheets

Elementary School:

Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Visual Arts
Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar De Witte Boucher
De Heem Braque De Heem Ribera Braque
Peruzzi De Heem Peruzzi West Cole
Ribera De Witte West Wright Di Bicci
Wright Hesse     Giacometti
  Ligozzi     Hesse
  Turner     Lawrence
  West     Leopard Hip Ornament
        Ter Brugghen



Middle School:

Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Visual Arts
Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Braque Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Boucher
Boucher De Witte Boucher Cole Braque
Braque Ligozzi Cole De Heem Cole
De Witte Peruzzi De Heem De Witte Giacometti
Kirchner   De Witte Di Bicci Hesse
Peruzzi   Hesse Giacometti Kirchner
Ribera Kirchner Hesse Lawrence
West   Ligozzi Lawrence Picasso
Wright   Peruzzi Ligozzi Turner
    Picasso Picasso West
    Ribera Ribera Wright
    Turner Ter Brugghen  
  West Turner  



High School:

Language Arts Mathematics Science Social Studies Visual Arts
Braque Braque Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Afro-Portuguese Saltcellar Boucher
Boucher Di Bicci Boucher Boucher Braque
Cole Peruzzi Braque Braque Cole
Giacometti   Cole Cole Giacometti
Kirchner De Witte De Heem Hesse
Lawrence   Hesse De Witte Kirchner
Peruzzi   Kirchner Di Bicci Lawrence
Picasso   Lawrence Giacometti Picasso
Ter Brugghen   Leopard Hip Ornament Hesse Turner
West   Peruzzi Lawrence West
Wright   Picasso Leopard Hip
    Ribera Ligozzi  
    West Picasso  
    Wright Ribera  
    Ter Brugghen