Images for Courses

Some professors have worked with the AMAM to make digital images from the collection available for online viewing in conjunction with Oberlin College courses. The following course pages and thematic groupings are accessible to students:

ARTS 334: Art and Politics - Weimar Germany

ARTS 432: German Expressionism and Modernity

BIOL 312: Animal Physiology

CAST 222: Introduction to Native American Studies

EAST 118: Modern Japanese Literature and Film

ENGL 299: Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature

ENGL 381: Hopeful Monsters: (Mixed-) Media Studies

ENGL 408: Modern Realism

FREN 419: Chine et Japon français

FYSP 092: Foodways and Foodscapes

FYSP 117: Nature and the Environment in East Asia

FYSP 182: The Body in Health and Disease

HISP 205: Intermediate Spanish I

HISP 304: Advanced Grammar and Composition

HISP 309: Early Modern Spanish Literature

HISP 309: Survey of Spanish Literature I - Visit 1; Visit 2

HISP 348: Troublemakers & the Picaresque

HISP 458: Gardens, Justice and Sustainability in Early Modern Spain

MUTH 232: Music Theory IV

RUSS 206: Conversational Russian

RUSS 305: Cross-Cultural Communication

TECH 203: Advanced Electro-Acoustic Music

AMAM images are for viewing on the online course page only. They may be saved for personal reference, but may not be reused without permission from the museum. Captions and other information may be frequently updated, and you will only have the most up-to-date data on the objects if you are working directly from the online course page.