Researching the Collection

In addition to published collection catalogues, the AMAM maintains a number of archival records useful for academic research. These include curatorial files on every accessioned object and AMAM exhibition, an electronic collections database, and the Eva Hesse Archives.

  • Identifying and Viewing Works in the Collection: Please use the published sources below as a starting point. The Office of Academic Programs (ext. 58645) can assist with further identifying works in the collection relevant to your class or research topic. With at least four weeks' advance notice, you may schedule a one-hour session in the Print Study Room to view works on paper. Please limit your request to 15 objects and include the accession numbers when possible.

    The Wolfgang Stechow Print Study Room hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 - 4:45 p.m. When visiting the Print Study Room, we ask that you observe the following rules:

    1. Bags, backpacks, briefcases, coats, umbrellas, and all other personal belongings must be left on the hooks by the back door of the museum or in the cubby-holes by the security desk. Only pencils and paper or notebooks may be brought into the Print Study Room.
    2. No food or drink is allowed.
    3. Pencils only are permitted; pens and writing instruments using inks are prohibited.
    4. Shoes and shirts are required at all times.
  • Collection Database: Currently, more than 13,500 artworks are accessible online and can be consulted via the AMAM's eMuseum catalogue.
  • Publications: The museum has also produced three catalogues of the collection:
  • Wolfgang Stechow, Catalogue of Drawings and Watercolors in the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, 1976.
  • Wolfgang Stechow, Catalogue of European and American Paintings and Sculpture in the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, 1967. Introduction by John R. Spencer.
  • Prints in the Allen Memorial Art Museum: Catalog, compiled by J. Chvostal, 1988. (Unpublished and available for consultation in the Art Library only)

In addition, since 1944 the AMAM has published a scholarly journal, the Bulletin, which contains articles related to exhibitions and works in the collection.

To locate these publications in the library, please click here. In some cases, the Office of Academic Programs can provide complimentary copies of past Bulletins and selected other publications upon request. Otherwise, AMAM publications may be purchased at the museum.

  • Use of Curatorial Files: Students and faculty may request access to the curatorial object files for research purposes by contacting the Office of Academic Programs at ext. 58645. Appointments must be made at least 1 business day in advance and are limited to one hour, maximum of 10 files per visit. Please know that many of the files contain historical letters and documents and must be handled carefully and only when necessary.
  • Eva Hesse Archives: The museum houses the archives of American artist Eva Hesse (1936-70), which include artist’s notebooks, diaries, photographs and letters. To consult material in the Hesse Archives, please contact the Office of Academic Programs, at ext. 58645. Appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance. Two of the datebooks in the AMAM collection have been published in a facsimile edition, which is available for purchase from the museum.