Assignments for 'Elementary Physics I'

Oberlin College Physics 103

Fall 2023

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last updated 19 December 2023.

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"U&H" means the textbook College Physics by P.P. Urone and R. Hinrichs. These assignments are from the "problems and exercises", NOT from the "conceptual questions".

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Assignment 1: Introduction to Physics; Motion in a Line (Due Wednesday, 13 September.)

Assignment 2: Motion in Two Dimensions (Due Wednesday, 20 September.)

Assignment 3: Exam (On Wednesday, 27 September.)

Assignment 4: Force I (Due Wednesday, 4 October.)

Assignment 5: Force II (Due Wednesday, 11 October.)

Your assignment for fall break is to relax, catch up on sleep, on friends, on outdoor time, and on anything that keeps you inspired. Then come back fresh to tackle ...

Assignment 6: Working (in the coloquial sense) on Work (in the physics sense) (Due Wednesday, 25 October.)

Assignment 7: Energy and Momentum (Due Wednesday, 1 November.)

Assignment 8: Exam (On Wednesday, 8 November.)

Assignment 9: Rotation (Due Wednesday, 15 November.)

Assignment 10: (Due Wednesday, 22 November.)

Assignment 11: Fluids; Oscillations (Due Wednesday, 29 November.)

Assignment 12: Wave Superposition and Interference (Due Monday, 11 December.)

Final Exam (From 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Tuesday, 19 December.)