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From the Streets of New York photo by Todd France

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    Oberlin: the Best Investment /

  • The Observer /

    His role as Captain Danny Ross on Law & Order: Criminal Intent would not have been a suitable fit for the Eric Bogosian ’76 of a generation ago—aggrieved, vein-popping, "dissolute," in his word. But these days, it works. /

  • Taking a Bite Out of Malaria /

    Molecular biologist Nora Besansky ’82 runs a nationally renowned genetics laboratory where researchers are paving the way for genetically engineered mosquitoes that could one day stop malaria in its tracks. /

  • Home Economics /

    Cuyahoga County Treasurer Jim Rokakis ’77 was one of few people raising a red flag about predatory loans back in 2000. In 2006, he predicted the loss of trillions of dollars wrapped up in subprime mortgages. These days, he talks about the mortgage meltdown with local governments and film crews from across the globe, all while creating programs to help homeowners and neighborhoods in his own backyard. /

  • The Big Picture /

    For the first time in decades, nearly 2,000 students, staff, and faculty took part in an all-campus photograph, this one to commemorate Oberlin’s 175th anniversary year. /

  • Out of the Past /

    Joey Plaster ’00 began his research into Oberlin’s gay history while still a student. Now, after 60-plus interviews with alumni, faculty, and staff, he has built an invaluable online archive of experiences hidden and almost forgotten. /

  • 2008 Alumni Awards /

    Each year, the Oberlin Alumni Association identifies and honors several alumni whose contributions to Oberlin and/or achievements to society are considered outstanding. /

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