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OSCA Turns 60  Photo by Dale Preston ’83

  • Featured Stories

    Student Initiative Moves Oberlin /

  • 100 Acres Woodlands, Wetlands, Meadow, Art Park /

    Lisa Freiman ’89 builds an enchanted place at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. /

  • OSCA Turns 60 /

    The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association started as a student-led insurrection. Six decades later, it’s still going strong. /

  • A Decade of Difference /

    In 2000, Oberlin College showed its commitment to sustainability with the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies. A decade later, with the opening of Robert Kahn Hall, Oberlin’s students are showing their commitment, too. Together, the Lewis and Kahn buildings are charting the future of campus building—and not just on the Oberlin campus. /

  • Intimate Revolutions /

    Two images changed the life of Cynthia Stewart. One was her own picture on the cover of Life magazine in 1970, her first year at Oberlin. The other, a picture she took of her daughter, provoked a prosecution that galvanized the community in her defense. One of her supporters, the author of a book about the subject, tells a story of lives captured in, and nearly by, photographs. /

  • Family Ties, School Ties /

    There was a reason the Oberlin Alumni Association of African Ancestry reunion felt like a family reunion. /

  • Alumni Association 2010 Awards /

    The Oberlin Alumni Association recognizes alumni whose achievements or contributions to Oberlin and/or society are considered to be exceptional. /

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